Unique Store Fixtures Receives Praise at Interior Design Show 2020 with Dreamland Installation

With its stone, metal, gloss and fabrication expertise all conducted in-house, Unique Store Fixtures constructed the engaging, “Instagrammable” installation, Dreamland, in fewer than four weeks.

Dreamland is the result of a partnership between luxury quartz brand, Caesarstone, and potter and designer, Jonathan Adler. It is part of Caesarstone’s ongoing Designer Program, which invites interdisciplinary designers from around the world to offer their perspectives on the material.

Photo credit: Alex Lukey

The installation was on display at the Toronto Interior Design Show 2020 on January 16-19 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, marking the fourth annual collaboration between Unique Store Fixtures and Caesarstone.

The Dreamland installation was designed to turn the hard material of Caesarstone into something soft and delicate. The result was a hugely popular installation of colours and cloudscapes that visitors could walk through, showing the versatility of quartz.

“I wanted to create heaven in Caesarstone. I wanted to create a dreamscape fantasy land of ethereal cloud-like fluffiness using a hard surface,” says Jonathan Adler.

Photo credit: Alex Lukey

The final installation consisted of more than 75 slabs of Caesarstone material, each weighing more than 1,000 lbs, and was constructed by Unique Store Fixtures with a team of 30 installers in the lead-up to the event. Combined with specialized metalwork, custom lighting and a short timeline, it was a monumental challenge – one that we succeeded in.

To overcome this challenge, Unique Store Fixtures gave particular attention to the use of lights. Originally, the team wanted to introduce neon lights, but when they were found to be too harsh, Unique produced an LED of the desired colours to create the intended effect.

Photo credit: Alex Lukey

“Although every project we do is Unique, this one is especially unique because of the creativity behind the project and the collaboration of our teams coming together as a single unit with the tight timelines and different materials to really push and get the show open on time, ready for visitors,” says Marco Corrente, VP at Unique Store Fixtures.

“Clients like Caesarstone give us the freedom and carte blanche to create as much as we can without interfering with design intent and we’re able to showcase all of our products and talents,” says Ferro Corrente, COO at Unique Store Fixtures.

Ferruccio Corrente, CEO, Marco Corrente, VP, Ferro Corrente, COO Photo credit: Carlos Pinto, Dolce Media Group



About Unique Store Fixtures Since its establishment 37 years ago, Unique has become one of North America’s leading millwork services specializing in store displays, retailing environments and residential projects. Working with the most respected architects and designers, Unique’s award-winning creativity, quality craftsmanship and customized products are hallmarks of some of the leading brands in the world’s most desired retailing destinations.

About Caesarstone Caesarstone manufactures high-quality engineered quartz surfaces, which are used in both residential and commercial buildings, such as countertops, vanities, wall cladding, floors and other interior surfaces. Caesarstone’s collections of products — Classico, Concetto, Supernatural, Metropolitan and Ultranatural — are available in more than 50 countries around the world.

About Jonathan Adler Potter, designer and author Jonathan Adler launched his namesake brand after leaving his day job to pursue his first love: pottery. In 1993, Barneys bought his collection of pots, and five years later, he opened his first store in Soho. Jonathan’s desire to design all the bits one needs to create a flawlessly chic home led to more and more. Today, Jonathan’s store has grown to be a design company with retail locations worldwide, a thriving e-commerce site, a full slate of residential and commercial projects, and a wholesale business boasting more than 1,000 global locations. The company strives to create luxe and livable interiors that are seriously designed, but don’t take themselves too seriously.

Project photos by: Alex Lukey

Profile photo by: Carlos Pinto, Dolce Media Group


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