New Mini Voxel @Vondom

The Voxel Collection has a new addition: Voxel Mini Chair, the Voxel’s chair small version, for children, designed by Karim for the Spanish company Vondom.

Just like its predecessors, the Vertex Collection, the Voxel Mini Chair presents a unique structural shape, angular and faceted, due to injection molding. Therefore, form and functionality are combined without compromising beauty. Made of injected polypropylene with fiberglass, it comes in six different colour versions. Weighting only 3.4 Kg, it is easy to stack, transport and arrange. It is suitable for schools, play rooms, celebrations and lecture halls, or just for enlivening a magnificent, sophisticated space into your home. This chair is a good example of democratic design, high-end looking, but reasonably affordable.

Karim’s collaboration with Vondom started back in 2010, with the Doux Collection. Since then, many pieces came to life, including the famous Surf Lounger and Vertex – the first chair with faceted shape.

Now this collection is made up of the chair and the armchair.The Voxel Chair is the perfect conceptual architectural piece for any space. Based on the Vertex Chair, a former piece by Vondom. It presents a unique structural shape, angular and faceted, only possible due to a production by injection molding.  Its weight is distributed in a balanced way due to its smartly designed shape. Its lightweight body makes it easy to transport and arrange. The armchair is a minimal simple yet voluminous stackable chair that is faceted just in the perfect places  for comfort, just in the right angles for hyper-strength, imbuing the correct creases for beauty, and just the few merging and converging lines for purity.