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At Pie Media Group (PMG), we generate engaging strategies for evolving storytelling in an ever-changing world. PMG is all about content. As a multimedia experience company with a focus on high quality media with the skillset to benefit our customers, we share compelling stories through our integrated marketing platforms. We care about content marketing in the world of publishing and use print, video, web, social media, editorial, advertorial and social events to help tell your story in engaging ways that sell services and share information.

Since our founding in 2005, we at Pie Media Group pride ourselves on our passion for our client relations and attention to content. Pie knows that each ingredient is important to telling your story and in sharing your product or business. Each component – from photography to digital design, to the art of the interview, to writing a thought provoking story, to enhancing influencer branding – is essential.

PMG is at the forefront to position relaxed luxury brands, drive sales and increase brand reputation in a non-dated or seasoned format using digital, print, and social platforms.

Pie Bookazine

Pie Bookazine was developed for an affluent relaxed luxury audience. Its devoted readers are hungry for information across a variety of sectors including style, design, art, music, photography, food, travel, finance, and health and wellness. Marketed as a “Bookazine” due to its thickness and ever-fresh subjects, this PMG publication is designed as a collectible, commanding editorial content that remains timeless with an unlimited shelf life.

Launched in May 2009, the Pie Bookazine team is comprised of writers, photographers, journalists and videographers spanning the globe. These creatives capture stunning images and produce dynamic interviews and stories that PMG prints on luxurious, weighty stock to grip the reader from cover to cover.

Available throughout Canada, the Pie Bookazine can be found on the shelves of Chapters, Indigo, Coles and independent bookstores; in the waiting rooms of spas, hospitals, and medical wellness centres; the lounges of ski and golf resorts; and bedside in world-class hotels.

Pie Face Kids

Pie Face Kids (PFK) is a bi-annual contemporary children’s fashion and lifestyle magazine. This publication is at the forefront of kids’ stuff and fashion, with style and inspiration for the modern family. PFK acknowledges child talent and merges leaders in their fields who paved the way with those who are up-and-coming, and features child writers, photographers, models, journalists, and more. Targeted to kids who are exploring new spheres and developing a taste for beautiful things, PFK informs and inspires readers by delivering beautiful, award-winning editorials that report on the newest childhood and parenthood trends, research breakthroughs, and products of the highest calibre, with a focus on contemporary children’s trends in fashion and the home.

Pie Face Kids’ photography is stunning, its mood celebratory and its design fresh, making it the magazine of choice for modern, in-the-know kids and taking them on a journey through the contemporary world of childhood.

Pie Digest

The same pinnacle quality photography and writing that made the Pie Bookazine a national treasure, now in a more modest format. This quarterly deals with local, regional and national affairs targeted to a relaxed luxury market, specifically consumers in the Greater Simcoe Region and the Greater Toronto Area.

What makes Pie Digest stand out? It all boils down to appetizing content aimed at satisfying readers’ tastes. Explore coast to coast magic with must-see Canadian travel destinations and stops that feature local hotspots. Get insight into musical luminaries, inventive artists and designers, and celebrity legends. And, discover the entrepreneurs and business leaders growing their community economies. PMG cooks up a cultural feast with Pie Digest.


People, places and beautiful things are the essence of Bespoke Canada. Filled with pages of world class photography and complimented with bold articles and interviews. Bespoke offers readers searching for the relaxed luxury travel experience, both a front row seat and backstage pass to all things extravagant in the areas of Canadian and world class destinations, resorts, cruising, real estate, fashion, art and design as it relates to travel nationally and globally.

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Our Mission

CEO and Publisher Sandra Roberts creates Canadian publications with editorial integrity and quality at the absolute finest level. With spotlights on people, places, issues and businesses surrounding various industry sectors, PMG publications attract an affluent male and female audience who are well travelled, design savvy and immersed in contemporary culture.

As established experts in our field, we position subject matter that our audience cares about and we incorporate creative design that not only captures but retains the readers attention. Effective print strategies put brands in the spotlight and identify successes and trends while addressing consumer questions, interest, wants and needs.


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