Beach Hotel and Residences in Playa Del Carmen

By Shauna Ireland

If the idea of leaving the cold Canadian winters of home in exchange for a couple of months spent at your overseas “dream” home along a magical turquoise coast excites you, then listen up. If you are looking for that change of scenery to help you maximize your productivity and unleash that inner creative your daily routine is otherwise complacent with, then why not explore what glorious Playa del Carmen Mexico has to offer. The best of both worlds doesn’t have to be impossible.

Introducing The Fives Beach Hotel and Residences in Playa Del Carmen. Because the times we live in are constantly changing, where as long as you have a laptop/cell phone and access to Wi-Fi, the flexibility and freedom to live abroad has never been so doable.

The FIVES is a special place because, as a full-ownership resort, it is reinventing the way we buy, share and experience property. The FIVES offers us a more flexible way to choose how we want to live our lives. It presents a seamless way to travel, experience different cultures, be able to soak up the healing waves of the ocean, all the while spending time with family and friends in a different environment.

My sixth sense says that THE FIVES is a perfect home away from home. “No Worry” living. Invest in your Lifestyle with like-minded people. This is truly a vacation homeowners dream.  How to make this dream come true?

Sharon Shilmover