Why Pure & Original for Kids Rooms


Eco-friendly, no smell, deep and rich colours, creating an authentic and warm atmosphere. Classico chalk-based paint, Licetto, Fresco and Marrakech are the favourite choice for people with allergies and sensitivities. Fresco and Marrakech are even moisture and mould resistant because the surface is permeable. Bacterias, mould cannot survive in the high pH value of lime. It keeps the air clean.

Walls painted in Pure and Original Classico chalk paint in the colour, ‘Evening Shadow’. Cotbed it painted in Pure & Original Traditional Waterbased Paint in the colour ‘Thunder Sky’. (Click on the image to buy)


Colour on the wall in this kids room is ‘Evening Shadow’ by Pure & Original Paint, in Classico chalkpaint.



Licetto, our latest product is also very matte and yet highly washable, which makes it very suitable for young families, commercial design, kitchens and bathrooms.

Pure and Original painted boys room in Fresco limepaint in the colour ‘Cannonball’


Classico has a smooth, velvety soft look, very matte, it’s also washable but less dirt resistant than Licetto. We also carry several, eco-friendly, finishing products to protect your valued walls.

Stylish and cool little boys nursery. Designed by Kristel van Leeuwen. Image by Sarah van Hove for Wonen Landelijke Stijl. Fresco Pure and Original walls in the colours ‘Tundra’ and ‘Flannel Grey’. Cot bed is painted with Pure and Originals Classico Chalk Paint in the colour ‘Potato Skin’.


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