Carrie Livingston is the interior designer responsible for this magical nursery project which was inspired by Noah’s Ark. Every shade of colour and used pieces resemble the narrative. “I take each project as a unique opportunity to do something impactful and unexpected but in an accessible and livable way.” With a very successful firm established in Los Angeles, California, Carrie partners up with CIRCU Magical Furniture in order to deliver this luxurious nursery for a newborn. Greeted with the view of the Pacific Ocean, Carrie used elements that transport us to a world of new discoveries and the beginning of a new adventure.

The Project was a baby room for the first child of Carrie’s clients. The designer did a very stylish and luxurious nursery by using sea elements, various shades of blue and animal prints. The room is the perfect place for a little explorer to start his first discoveries. The design featured Cloud Big Lamp, Fantasy Air Bookcase and Fantasy Air 6 Drawers.

The room gained an extra dreamy decoration with the help of Fantasy Air 6 Drawers that provides style and storage. Inspired by the Disney movie “Up”, it’s the perfect item for a magical nursery. Also, with the help of our Fantasy Air Bookcase, bedtime stories will be more magical and special. It is inspired by vintage travel suitcases to reinforce the connection between children and exploring. Each piece of CIRCU was custom made in order to fit the needs of the space.

The Big Cloud Lamp was placed in the centre of the room and it accentuates the room colours. The piece design relates to the sense

of serenity and peace transmitted by clouds. With a sound system and colour changing RGB light remotely controlled, this suspension lamp can be used to create a calm atmosphere for the bedtime. It brings magic to all the decor pieces in the bedroom. All the elements of the room were carefully chosen in order to create a peaceful environment where the baby can dream about his first adventures.



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