How you live and what you love

The kitchen has evolved into the home’s hub. With open concept layouts the new norm, the kitchen boundary is now blurred with living and dining spaces integrated into a highly social and functional area that facilitates more engaging interactions and a more efficient use of space within the home.

With this evolution in the living space comes a need for more integrated workspaces, storage areas and furnishings to enhance the flow and function within the home. From open shelving units, worktops, built-in cabinetry, integrated islands and dining tables, to smart technologies and countless accessories to optimize space and efficiency within the kitchen and living areas, intelligently designed kitchen and living space solutions can optimize the function of today’s multipurpose living space; while also adding to the overall aesthetic of the home.

With a new studio located in downtown Barrie, drôrs specializes in the design and supply of functional, modern whole home furnishings. Founded by the management team of Level Design Inc., a leading design-build firm focused exclusively on modern design, drôrs Studio features the Centro line of home furnishings. Centro offers furnishings that integrate with the whole home concept ranging from kitchen cabinetry, vanities, wardrobes, living room and dining room cabinetry, and designer sofas, tables and chairs. Centro features a vast selection of materials, finishes, and styles with varied textures and colours to fit a modern/contemporary aesthetic.

Experience the drôrs Studio to explore the endless possibilities for optimizing your living space for who you are, how you live and what you love.