Practical and Chic


by Robin Krafft



A person’s purse or handbag is sacred territory; this is unspoken but implicitly known. What we keep in them is as unique and idiosyncratic as we ourselves are. There are, of course, common things that we require: communication devices, personal maintenance items, and tools for tasks. There are also special objects or half-forgotten ephemera that make their way into our bags and seemingly take up permanent residence. That’s when things can start getting heavy.


As our social options opened up and you started to go out more, for longer periods of time (and traveling greater distances), perhaps you noticed a similar phenomenon. There can be very real physical repercussions from carrying a heavy bag over time, particularly on one shoulder, as we often do. The results can vary from overworked muscles on one side of the body, (they get stronger while the other side weakens), muscle spasms, stiffness, a decreased curve in the neck, pain in the shoulder/neck/back & even tension headaches.

“Bag Therapy”

Perhaps you do a purse purge periodically but have you ever wondered what it would be like to go seriously minimal? This is a case where less is definitely more and simple really is best. It’s no wonder the micro, mini, baby and nano bags keep coming around again and again. A smaller bag obviously encourages you to declutter much more severely. I found a charming blog post from Liana Statenstein  (Vogue) detailing her personal minimizing challenge which she sums up as “bag therapy”, noting that “it feels like the gateway to a more organized life.”


A small bag is both practical and chic, with many online styling tips to help you amp up the effect. An April blog post from Vogue on the subject suggests that “fail-safe black, white and tan tinies look great with minimalist outfits”… while “woven takes are made for pairing with party and vacation looks.” A Google search reveals loads of photos of neutral crossbody bags looking like an organic accessory with natural and neutral garments or contrasting softly against black, whites and denim. If you’d like to do a historical throw-back look, pair your mini bag with a mini skirt. (Tiny bags came back into fashion to compliment tiny skirts in the 60’s and 70’s.)


Styling aside, there are several helpful recommendations about how to ergonomically carry a handbag. We’ve already established that a smaller bag will minimize what you carry but the weight of the bag itself is important, too. A lightweight bag that still has some structure is ideal so that it hangs evenly. Wider straps are suggested to distribute the weight over a larger area. Clearing out your bag and switching it from shoulder to shoulder or carrying it in-arms is a great way to give your body a break. When you have to carry a load for a longer time, a backpack is always the best choice. Working on your core strength and keeping toned shoulders will also minimize damage and make injuries less likely. Pilates, yoga and other stretching exercises are great for building strength and stability. Your posture is also important; relaxed shoulders with your head held high is ideal.

Eve Cork

Eve Cork bags comply with so many of these suggestions! The cork fabric is lightweight while the wide straps and crossbody option are also prevalent in many designs. Eve Cork carries the Athena, Dakota and the Brooklin as smaller bag choices. Larger bags are important, of course. There are times when we simply must carry more! Try to keep the ergonomic tips in mind and reserve large or heavy bags for occasions when you won’t have to carry them as far (or for very long). A stylish, big statement bag can have less impact on the body by carrying less in it whenever possible. (Simply transfer the contents of your mini over to your big bag and add nothing more!) There is always the option of carrying two tiny bags (better than one heavy bag) or utilizing your pockets to carry other objects.

Take The Challenge

There is an incredible feeling of freedom that comes from figuring out what (and how) to leave things behind – to prioritize. Eve Cork offers several bags which fit into the mini category, offering you a charming, elegant and compassionate choice for your own bag therapy mission, should you choose to accept it!



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