More than just a glorious scent

By Kerry Johnson | Justin Dadswell Photography

You walk into a room and recognize it right away. Fragrant, warm, luxurious, enveloping…the smell of roses fills the air and stimulates your senses. We’ve all heard the saying that we should stop and smell the roses, but it turns out there’s actual science behind the adage.

A Japanese study found the scent of roses from essential oil inhibited an increase in stress hormone, and helped calm stress-related skin disruption. A similar benefit comes from inhaling the odour of fresh green leaves and cut grass.

Aromatherapists have been known to use rose scents to help battle depression and calm anxiety, also saying the scent can lower the concentration of stress hormones. It can turn a mood to the positive, and help you revel in the moment, especially important in these stressful times.

One Iranian study found children exposed to scented rose oil showed reduced post-operative pain. Another found adding rose scent to footbaths reduced the anxiety of women going into labour. And separate studies on men and women using antidepressants found inhaling rose scented oils increased sexual satisfaction and desire, especially among men.

The people who work at The Rosarium florist in Vaughan know that while some people prefer unscented roses, most demand every bloom comes with an odour that brings an outdoor garden into their space.They’ve got a variety of options to meet every customer’s needs. The Pink Mondial and Sweetness roses have a minimal scent. The Explorer and Vendela varieties have a light floral aroma. And blooms like Pandora and Nautica offer a full rose scent to fill your rooms and senses.

People who work in Ayurvedic medicine say there are a wide variety of uses for something like rose essential oil, and say the rose has been used in their tradition for thousands of years.  It calms aggression, soothes the heart, aids with nausea, and helps the immune system. They also say it may be beneficial in the bedroom, working as an aphrodisiac.

So next time you’re ordering roses for yourself, or someone special, ask the staff at Rosarium for the blooms with a full, warm scent, and get more than just a feast for the eyes. Get flowers that make everything a little bit better.