Blue Sky Thinking


By Corrine Dayman | Photos Robin Waters | Assistant Laura Clerici


There is a fresh new way of growing your business network, and it all begins by going back to our childhood days and “blue sky thinking” in The Sandbox.  Perhaps one of the most innovative ways of generating and exchanging ideas, The Sandbox serves as an accessible gathering spot for young start-ups, entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals to come together in a progressive social environment.

Not unlike “googlers” who thrive in small, focused teams and high-energy environments, The Sandbox is a place where unplanned “synergies” can result in a snowball effect of ideas, sharing, learning and growth.

Going back to the basics of sharing ideas, experiences and resources, the organic nature of The Sandbox serves as a natural networking environment where everyone is invited to bring their ideas and abilities to the table. In addition to the great interactions and connections to be had at this local business resource hub, the open door policy places people together where great connections and “collisions” are bound to happen.

“The goal is to provide a lively, interactive environment where an entrepreneur can come in and find the resources and connections they need to make that next step in their business.”

At the helm of this radically awesome approach is Craig Busch, President, and CEO of Busch Group of Companies. A savvy self-starter and two-time recipient of the Arch Brown, Entrepreneur Of The Year Award, Craig has seen his “blue sky thinking” and innovative ideas reap rewards over the years and understands that it is the alignment of people, timing, and opportunity that come together to make the magic happen!

Craig Busch, President and CEO of Busch Group of Companies

“By investing real time and energy into The Sandbox, it can help build a start-up’s innovative muscle. You can learn best practices from others and participate in finding solutions to common problems outside your own organization. You can then bring this knowledge back to your own team and discuss what can be learned from it to make your business stronger.”

Opening up to the idea that anything is possible if the intention of giving is at the forefront of the interaction, The Sandbox is on the cusp of a new way of developing business practices. Open gathering spots for start-ups, executives, entrepreneurs, financiers, and investors to collide with one another and share their ideas and expertise while identifying new technologies and applications that will increase their company’s productivity, is redefining the way in which people want to do business.

Diverse yet refreshing, The Sandbox is pushing practices in a way that challenges the standard business model. With experience sharing as one of its fundamental pillars, the focus is to encourage entrepreneurial social responsibility, with professionals lending their time and expertise while building relationships within the community.

Like any traditional sandbox, its success will be due in great part to the engaged people getting their hands dirty and spending quality time with others. A self-sustaining environment with comfortable seating areas, coffee shop, and resources for ideas to flow, the sky is the limit when everyone is working toward a common goal of innovation and sharing ideas in The Sandbox.

The Sandbox