Chef Marco Ormonde

By Dave Gordon | Photo Scott Cooper

Headed by internationally renowned chef and owner, Marco Ormonde, The North is Barrie’s relaxed dining destination. Those who have been guests at The North already know Chef Marco invests his deepest passions in his food creations. That love of creating stunning food is manifested in his versatile and eclectic menu, featuring quality ingredients that become dazzling plating presentations. With his signature skill and ingenuity, guests are treated to what can only be described as an elevated dining experience. In 2017, The North celebrated ten incredible years, and continues to delight guests with exhilarating culinary journeys, both in the restaurant, and off site catering.

A couple answers from Chef Marco…

When did you discover your love for making food?

Marco: I have been cooking since I was 8 years old, with my grandmother.

How would you describe the idea behind your catering?

Marco: We can cater to whatever your needs are. We can make whatever you need us to make. Anything. We can go to people’s homes and cook for ten people having fun, or cater for up to four hundred people at a big event. Wherever you want: we can go to your cottage, your house, as far as anywhere in Muskoka to Toronto. With catering, they get the same quality and hospitality they do with my restaurant.


What is something extravagant you like to cook?

Marco: Different wild game – venison, moose, and fish. I make a great venison stew, and a great moose rack

What’s trendy in the food scene these days?

Marco: Instead of sitting down to eat a meal, you can walk around with hors d’oeuvres.

Especially if you’re serving food at the cottage, with many people who just want to walk and eat.



Two ingredients you can’t live without?

Marco: Garlic and ginger.

How would you describe your style?

Marco: I live off of improvising. I don’t like to make the same thing twice. My biggest goal is providing the best experience I can provide to my guests. And whether catering or at the restaurant, guests are treated as though they were in my own home.


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