Spraying a Glow of Confidence at Tans by Tash


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Following in my parents footsteps in the esthetics world was never my plan. When I was looking into starting a spray tan business about a year and a half ago, my intentions were nothing more than to make some side cash while pursuing my career in fashion, while also working two other jobs. Those intentions totally changed after the first time I picked up a spray tan gun. I’ve always loved getting them done – but actually spraying a glow of confidence onto someone – it felt right. It felt like art… and it was an art I wanted to perfect.

Tans by Tash was then created and I poured everything I had into it. My heart, my soul, my time and of course my money. I made a make-shift studio in my unfinished basement. My parents were totally supportive of me following this passion, but not enough to build me a studio. So with painters tarps as walls and a bit of cement paint on the floor – I had my own space. I built my business on my instagram long before I was ready to take clients, that way when I was ready…they were knocking at my door. I spent days and nights practicing the craft of spray tanning. If I was going to do this… I wanted to be the best. My effort and skills were quickly noticed by Nuda (the company of the spray tan solutions I use), and they wanted to partner with me to be a trainer for the Toronto area – this just after a few months of spray tanning. Then after a successful busy year – I made the decision to invest more in my business and rent a studio space downtown Barrie in the Small Biz Building right on Dunlop Street. I designed  a cute and cozy space that I can call my own!

I began to quickly understand just how rewarding it was to have clients and making them feel more confident than when they came in. My parents owned a day spa in King City for over 15 years. I saw first hand what it was like to build a business from nothing, to make it stand out from the rest and to take care of clients so they always come back.  I wanted to pull out all the stops – and show my clients that this isn’t like any normal tanning salon.

I pride myself on the products that I chose. I only use Nuda products and they represent everything that I stand for. They are a women founded, Canadian company. They are considered a luxury solution, cruelty free, vegan and filled with natural, nourishing and anti aging ingredients. The tan itself will last 10-14 days and will always fade evenly. It is fast drying, never sticky and smells like cucumbers. Most importantly, it is the most natural looking tan that I have ever had.

When you arrive at Tans by Tash we always have a consultation first and I ask – What are you doing? Where are you going? That is because I believe that one shade does not fit everyone or every event. Are you in a wedding party? Going on vacation to Mexico? Going on a first date? All of this matters when choosing the right bronze. After we choose the perfect solution, I provide a silk robe to change into so you feel comfortable before and after your tan. (Standing around naked waiting for it to dry was always my least favourite part of getting a tan.)  I use a PH balancing prep spray to ensure your skin is at the perfect PH level and then I apply barrier cream to spots that need protecting on the skin. The tan itself only takes about 8 minutes – you step into my tent and I guide you through the poses as I airbrush your glow, using my perfected and fool-proof technique. I then apply a shimmering setting powder to protect your tan during its development period and blend out your hands and feet. Now it’s time to check out your killer tan line and snap some pics for the gram. Before you leave I always make sure you are well educated on all the recommendations you need to know in order take care of your tan.

Tans by Tash is a spray tan studio encouraging others to practice safe skin. My goal is to make each and every client as comfortable as possible and to give them the best spray tan experience they’ve ever had. I want you to feel totally pampered and totally obsessed with your new gorgeous glow! I am still working three jobs but I am as passionate as ever. My hope for this year is to be able to turn this passion into a full time career and I am going to work incredibly hard to get there. The support that I have received just in this short amount of time, has been more than I could ever dreamed of. I am so thankful for each of my clients and each time I get to be a part of their special day, event or a part of a memory they are creating. I can’t wait to be a part of yours!


Tans by Tash offers two types of tans…

  1. The Signature Bronze. This suits all skin types and tones in four different shades – Latte, Moka, Espresso and Hot Chocolate. I recommend waiting 8-12 hours prior to showering, getting wet or sweating!


  1. The Express Bronze – The is best for the girls on the go. My rapid solutions allow you to rinse off as soon as 1-5 hours after application, depending your desired depth of colour. Choose from Cappuccino or Milkshake (A violet based solution best for yellow and olive undertones).


Book an appointment through my socials, email or by phone!