A movement towards ecological integrity and social justice


By Mandy Johnson  |  Photography Laura Joy

Today, more than ever, there is a level of consumer consciousness that is looking for more than an aesthetic appeal. Our world, our planet has reached a global awareness regarding how our choices have great impact. We are no longer accepting of naïve and mass consumerism.  Brands and businesses are held to a higher accountability in the procurement, production, logistics and brand. There is a need to feel good about the “soul” of a company and not just the visual enjoyment of these goods.

How did we get here? Stories of unfair labour practices, animal cruelty, over forestation and mass farming, toxic factories and dishonesty in brand representations are but a few issues that have consumed our buying decisions. It’s not enough that we have beautiful clothes if the end result was on the backs of child labour or that the factories that produce our products have created toxic streams of waste in the communities that they operate. We find ourselves looking at our own moral compass to determine where we invest our money. The choices we make are the “ballots” of the consumer and we are prepared to hold accountable those that do not seek to improve, heal and respect the global future and our own.

The switch to buying local and asking for product transparency is a growing movement. Finding quality over quantity is key because we are not comparing apples to apples. The old view of hiring those that can not earn a living wage, that operate in dangerous and unprotected businesses, that “manufacture” living animals as if they were “parts” and harming the environment in the name of capitalism has been “outed” as savvy business practice.

The climate of consciousness requires our modern business platforms to be responsible in their operations. One such Canadian business, Eve Cork, is a shining example of a business that has sought to include these issues in all facets of their brand. Eve Cork is offering a vegan alternative to the luxury handbag market and improving the footprint they leave in this world.

The Eve Cork commitment is simple. The products themselves are harvested from the cork trees in Portugal. Not only does the removal of the outer layer of bark provide a gorgeous medium for these purses but it causes the tree to filter more carbon dioxide through its bark regeneration. The process not only improves the health of the tree but returns cleaner air to us all. The family owned cork farms turn the beautiful cork sheets into stylish and functional accessories that are unique and cruelty free.  Additionally, the on-line store offers Canada wide shipping in recyclable waste free packaging too.

Jeep courtesy of 400chryslerdealer.com


As with any investment that is curated one at a time, the products reflect all the sustainable choices that have become the signature of the brand.  Choosing quality over quantity, responsibility over profits and maintaining a cruelty free process is not as easy or as inexpensive as our mass produced, man made competitors. But, what you will know when you invest in Eve Cork, is that you have purchased a product that has respect for the lives of all beings, you will heal your planet, improve your footprint and leave a positive impact on our world. The alternative is “expensive”.


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