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By Stu Lynam  |  Photo Scott Cooper


“I’d love to teach. Either a shop or trade class. Something where I could instill the knowledge I’ve acquired in the field of construction onto others. I feel skills like using a hammer, truly working with your hands and building something you can step back and be proud of, are being lost in our younger generations.”

Led by founder and namesake Jon MacNeil, the team at MacNeil Construction are one of the most respected firms providing building services across Simcoe County. While the focus of the business is construction, over the years Jon’s expertise has evolved to include a wealth of entrepreneurial acumen, complimented by a profound sense of gratitude and purpose.

pie: What is your company known for?

jon: MacNeil Construction is known for drywall/taping. As a company we have years of experience in the drywall trade, but we offer so much more. We have grown to be able to take any space and rework it in any capacity to suit a client’s needs. 

pie:  What sets your company apart?

jon: MacNeil Construction is just a name. What sets us apart are the people that make up the company. Each of us brought specific skill sets, beyond drywall, to the table. We shared them with one another elevating all of our skill sets to new levels.

pie: How would you describe your style of doing business?

jon: My style of business is “Old School Meets New School”. I learned to make deals on a hand shake at the age of eighteen, which is the same mentality I’ve tried to carry into my 30’s. My fav quote is something my Grandfather once told me, “If someone offers you money, you stick out your hand and say thank you.” He was a smart man. [Laughs]

pie: What is your biggest achievement? 

jon: My biggest achievement is starting my company when the odds were against me.

There were factors that would’ve stopped most from trying, but I took them, learned from them, built upon them, and continue to learn each day to be a better me and a better company.

pie: What have you realized running your own company? 

jon: That we are in charge of our own happiness. Each of us has it within us to be happy, whether that be through achieving a personal goal, having like minded people around you or helping someone when they need it. Whatever you find brings you happiness, hold onto it, build upon it and grow.

pie:  Why is Philanthropy important to you? 

jon: It’s something that I have had in me from a young age. I was taught by my Mother and Father to appreciate those around you and to “pay it forward”. My company helped with a clothing drive for both the Busby Centre and The Samaritan House. We were also fortunate enough to be able to donate fifty turkeys to the Barrie Food Bank at Thanksgiving.

As for the future, it’s a bright path for Jon and his team, as he and his business grow – on solid ground.

What sets Jon MacNeil apart from other contractors is his kindness, integrity and his positive disposition. It is apparent that building productive, transparent and openly communicative relationships are the foundation of his business and personal values.  -Mike Windle, Project Manager, Level Design



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