Jewelry to lead your life with intention

When life gets hectic and it feels like we’re being pulled in so many different directions, how can we ground ourselves and begin creating the life we want to live? It takes connecting with our inner selves and aligning with our deepest intentions of what we want to show up for us. Doing this is a much easier process when we can draw on inspiration to help guide us.

Enter Shiny Soul Creations—modern gemstone jewelry that individuals connect to in a meaningful way. The brand, founded by Brittany Catling and Victoria Spataro, is rooted in creating jewelry that incorporates gemstones to empower people to lead their lives with intention.

Shiny Soul Creations encourages you to not only wear jewelry as a form of self-expression, but to also find ritual in connecting with yourself and setting intentions to manifest the life you desire. At the heart of each piece is the powerful reminder that our thoughts can alter what shows up for us.

Wearing gemstones

With each creation, you’ll find a description with the gemstone’s properties. Each one bears its own significance and purpose, from helping you establish new beginnings to inspiring calmness or finding love.

Gemstones have a way of inspiring you to connect with the energy you need to achieve your goals and align with your true self. By wearing them every day, you keep your intentions close and are reminded to tap into its energy.


Providing protection and comfort

Wearing gemstones can be especially powerful in times of change or trouble because they serve to remind you to slow down your thoughts and get centred. When you’re feeling stressed or out of control, you can find strength in Shiny Soul Creations’ Onyx bracelet, which absorbs negative energies to support you physically and emotionally. Or, choose to wear Howlite to soften your stresses, and soothe your fears and anxieties. Finding this type of meaningful connection to gemstones can help provide you with the comfort and inner calm you need to reset during challenging times.

Choosing your gemstones and setting your intentions

Choosing the right pieces for yourself is a simple, intuitive process. It involves trusting what you’re gravitating to because deep down you know where you are in your journey and what your soul needs the most.

The next step is to infuse your gemstone jewelry by setting an intention. Wearing your chosen piece and keeping its properties in mind, call in what it is you’d like to attract, whether it’s a feeling, new experiences, people or things.

Setting an intention with each creation worn inspires positive change. Every time you wear your jewelry, you’ll be reminded of the intentions you set, and this will help guide you through your days in a way that aligns you with your best self.

Jewelry for every part of your journey

Recognizing that everyone is on their own unique journey to self-discovery, Shiny Soul Creations encompasses a vast collection of pieces designed to support you through the different milestones, moments and seasons of life. Both Brittany and Victoria have seen their jewelry be used as symbols of affirmations in many different ways, from providing confidence for a job interview to serving as a daily reminder to practice self-care, self-love and compassion.

Aside from their gemstone jewelry, the brand also carries other collections of sterling silver and gold jewelry meant for everyday wear. To learn more about the brand, or shop their collection of meaningful jewelry, visit