A Body of Work

BY Donna Zibresky | PHOTO Paul Buceta

” I want to motivate and inspire all individuals to see that they too, at any age or level, can get healthy and fit. ”

The oldest of six kids, Robin Clay is a born leader. Her parents were heavily involved in athletics and instilled this in their children. Robin started early, having sacrificed her childhood summers by participating in competitive figure skating, cross country running, soccer, and cheerleading; and now she’s rocking the fitness world at the tender age of 47. This self-proclaimed overachiever and fierce competitor, has always strived to be the best in whatever she endeavours.

After going back to school to become a paramedic, Robin struggled to find employment and faced other personal challenges that began to shut her down. She sought rejuvenation by hitting the gym, and started to recharge her batteries. One day she heard about fitness competitions and decided to check them out. In the spring of 2010, Robin embarked on a new challenge. Between a busy schedule that included going to school, raising two kids as a single parent, and working part time, Robin was able to commit her remaining free time to a rigorous training schedule that prepared her for her first competition. Having no expectations of placing in the top 10, an important turning point occurred when Robin actually placed 2nd. She knew she could really do this! She then entered the IDFA (International Drug Free Athletics ) Novice Classic in Toronto.

It was important for her to train naturally, and she knew that if she was going to compete it would be in that arena. Robin placed 1st in her age category and 1st overall, competing with other ladies between the ages of 18 and over. She could not believe it when they called her name! It was a testament for all the obstacles, roadblocks and struggles she’s overcome. Steady determination and ferocity of will is what carried her through the harrowing chapters of her life and onto personal greatness. Now in a supportive and loving relationship, training fitness clients as a Canfitpro Certified Personal Trainer, providing nutritional guidance and counseling, and competing with OPA at a Provincial level in hopes of reaching Canadian Nationals this year, Robin has gracefully hit her stride. She’s focused on building her brand Elite Physiques, by embodying what that means to her. Having a background in the medical and dental fields, nutritional coaching and personal training has been a natural progression for her.

Robin’s philosophy embraces the sentiment, “Your Body, Your Goal, My Passion.” “I want to motivate and inspire all individuals to see that they too, at any age or level, can get healthy and fit. I prepare plans for my clientele, which includes all levels of health and fitness, not just competitors.” Robin leads by example, only making recommendations based on what she’s tried first and succeeded with herself. Robin proudly reflects on her life and accomplishments, and everything that lies ahead, always keeping her eye on the ball. She maintains an air of inner strength, and her message reads loud and clear: “Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.”

You can follow Robin on Facebook @robinclayfitness and Instagram @robinclayfitness to learn more about her remarkable competition stats, fitness brand, and her journeys through competitions.



2010 OPA Stratford Master Figure 2nd

2010 IDFA Toronto Novice Figure Short 1st and Overall Winner

2010 IDFA Montreal Classic Masters Figure 1st, Open Figure 2nd

2010 IDFA International Classic Masters Figure Short 1st, Masters Figure Overall Winner, Open Figure 1st, and Pro Card Awarded

2012 IDFA Pro Universe – Pro Figure 1st

2014 OPA Barrie Naturals Open Figure Short 1st, Masters Figure 1st, Overall Open Figure Winner

2015 Canadian Champion for Grand Masters Figure


Robin Clay

Certified Life Coach