Passion Project

By Mandy Hayes  |  Photo Virgil Cheung


Do you have an injury that never quite goes away even though you’ve tried numerous treatments? Do you have a child that is dealing with recurrent growing pains or athletic injuries? Or are you just frustrated because pain and stiffness is getting in the way of an active life? If the answer is yes, Resolution Physiotherapy can help.

Resolution Physiotherapy truly loves what they do. They get to help people, just like you, resolve pain and return to full function. Their team consists entirely of post-graduate qualified, extensively experienced physiotherapists who are passionate about helping their clients get back to the things they love as quickly as possible. This passion is apparent in all the post-graduate training that their team has completed, including Advanced Manual Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Graston Technique, Soft Tissue Release, Active Myofascial Release, Active Dermo-Myofascial Cupping, Dry Needling, Women’s Health, and Gunn IMS. They are also proud to have Physiotherapists who have attained the highest certification in Manual Physiotherapy and Sports Physiotherapy in Canada, and who now act as mentors within their clinic and across the province.

Resolution Physiotherapy proudly works with clients of all ages and abilities, coming from all over Southern Ontario. They love sports and work with athletes ranging from National Team to weekend warriors. They love helping the entire family stay healthy: treating babies with torticollis, children ranging from toddlers to adolescents with growth and athletic related injuries, health-focused parents, and grandparents who are adamant about staying active and healthy.

What makes their day is when a client expresses wonder when they finally feel relief from pain that has been with them for years that they thought would never go away.

While their Physiotherapy ‘tool box’ is diverse and treatment will vary as every client is unique, a few techniques that help clients the most include Gunn IMS, Advanced Manual Physiotherapy, and Active Dermo-Myofascial Cupping (ADMC).

Although traditional manual therapies help many people, there are circumstances when these types of treatments are ineffective. If you have pain which has lasted longer than a month and has not recovered with manual treatments or exercise, you may have ‘neuropathic dysfunction’.

Neuropathic dysfunction occurs when the nerve becomes unhealthy, which commonly occurs in chronic pain.

Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is a treatment that specifically addresses neuropathic dysfunction, targeting and improving the health of your nerves, allowing for pain relief – even with longstanding chronic pain or athletic based injuries. Resolution physiotherapists are all trained in IMS and often use this as a successful first line treatment with their clients. Once the nerves are healthier, they then progress to using Advanced Manual Therapy, ADMC, and many of the other therapies in their extensive toolbox with greater success.

Advanced Manual physiotherapists have completed post-graduate training and are recognized as Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (FCAMPT), after they attain the highest manual Physiotherapy certification in Canada. Resolution Physiotherapy has numerous FCAMPT physiotherapists and the rest of the team is working towards completion of this highly-respected certification. They combine joint mobilizations and manipulations for the spine and peripheral joints, active and passive myofascial release techniques, core strengthening, and proprioceptive training with the goal of resolving pain and restoring function for their clients.

Resolution also has great success with Active Dermo-Myofascial Cupping (ADMC). Below the layer of skin and fat that covers your body is a layer of fascia, that is very stiff and has very little stretch. 

Below your fascia are your muscles. Chronic low level inflammation or inactivity can cause the fascia layer to become adhered down onto the muscles. Although the muscles are usually quite stretchy, their mobility will be limited if the inflexible fascia layer sticks to them. ADMC uses cups attached by air suction to pull on the fascial layer separating it from the muscles. Once the fascial layer has been fixated by the cups, Resolution uses active motion to pull on the muscle layer and release it from the fascia. After the cups come off, clients feel a noticeable improvement in mobility.

It is through referrals from their healthy and satisfied clients that Resolution Physiotherapy has won both the Barrie Reader’s Choice Award and the Barrie Consumer Choice Award, and has been able to grow from a clinic of one physiotherapist in 2010 to a busy clinic of seven physiotherapists today. If you have a new injury or have pain that has lasted longer than it should, the team at Resolution is here to help.

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