PIE travels to the luxury property of Mes Amis, in St. Martin.

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Rental Escapes created a personalized holiday experience for me in an extraordinary place in St.Martin. Their business is run by industry professionals with many years of experience in the luxury holiday market. They work with the most reputable property management companies in each destination. The home I stayed in was personally inspected to meet a high standard of luxury. It is clear that they love their jobs and they love to travel. That’s why they always help service any request; small, big, and over-the-top. During the stay, I had an amazing concierge who showed me to the best restaurants, shopping, beaches and local markets. I cannot wait to return.

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Why rent a private villa? For one, they boast more room than even Presidential hotel suites. Second, they offer unmatched privacy. Renting a villa means a family or large group of friends can vacation together while giving each other the space they need. For couples (or singles), it means the chance to truly escape: to lose oneself in the parlours and corridors of properties around the world.

Rental Escapes, a company proudly based in Montreal, manages luxury private villas on five continents and offers getaways beyond the ordinary; in fact, all-inclusive is merely a starting point. The team’s personal concierge service takes care of every aspect of your dream vacation, from getting you to and from the airport, organizing excursions, and all elements in between. Plus, 24/7 client care means guests have peace of mind knowing any and all requests—no matter how big or over-the-top—can be arranged immediately.

According to VP of Guest Experience Cindy Mitchell, “taking the time to understand what guests want and offering a wide range of unique services and exceeding expectations is what [Rental Escapes does] best.” The team of fourteen is composed of industry professionals with decades of experience in the luxury holiday market. These are people who eat and sleep travel, personally inspecting the properties they represent. Rental Escapes knows the elevated standards to which its clients, both personally and professionally, hold themselves; they’ve maintained the same grade of excellence throughout every aspect of the service they provide—clients know they can expect to be thoroughly wowed.

The company’s discerning clients want something more than the average trip; these are typically experienced travellers whose tastes include opulent accommodations, fine dining, and exotic excursions. “We go above and beyond for our clients, planning everything from a birthday party on a hundred-foot yacht to an anniversary with a private luau in a villa.” Rental Escapes has partnered with local merchants and service providers in the markets it services. Clients can have arranged for them spa treatments, rounds—or tournaments—of golf, and private parties. “We make sure to work with only the most trusted and reliable suppliers to ensure you have the best experience possible.”

It may seem daunting at first to choose from hundreds of unique properties across dozens of global destinations, but one of the ways Rental Escapes truly shines is in its ability to curate the perfect itinerary. An online Luxury Journal profiles a number of noteworthy and unusual sights and attractions: like the swimming pigs of Exuma, a district of the Bahamas completely uninhabited by humans. Or maybe you’ve narrowed it down to Tuscany, but need a starting point to plan your culinary tour of the area: there’s a point of reference to get you going. Ultimately, one of the company’s VIP concierge team members or reservations managers will help you create a remarkable getaway, taking pleasure in guiding you through the details step-by-step: “what truly makes a memorable vacation is an experience that is tailor-made…for the guest.”

From private chefs to chartered yachts, Rental Escapes can unlock endless and remarkable possibilities for your luxury all-inclusive vacation. The company’s stunning properties and passion for—and connections to—extraordinary concierge services means your next getaway will be the beginning of a wonderful journey. The world-class service and all-encompassing attention to detail mean the only thing you need to take care of is picking up the phone.

RENTAL ESCAPES With over 2,500 luxury properties worldwide, Rental Escapes provided us with the utmost experience in first-class travel. From personal chef services, land excursions, private flights, ocean adventures, private charters, spas, wellness, sports and car rentals, Rental Escapes set the bar in tailor-made trips for our occasion. PIE travels to their luxury property of Mes Amis for a first-hand experience. www.rentalescapes.com



MES AMIS An estate villa situated on seven private acres in the Falaise de Oiseaux area. Mes Amis offers it offered us breathtaking views of the ocean, surrounding coastline areas and the island of Anguilla. Accommodating 22 people, the property boasts 3 buildings, 14 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, two pools, a Jacuzzi a media room, a gym and panoramic views of the ocean. www.villamesamis.com

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100 PERCENT VILLAS We boast their exceptional customer service — and hospitality upon arrival to Mes Amis. www.villasfwi.com



BISTRO CARAIBES www.bistrot-caraibes.com In the heart of Grand Case and across the street from sister restaurant Ocean 82 lies French gourmet restaurant Bistro Caraibes, setting the highest standard in ambience and state-of-the-art culinary creations.



OCEAN 82 Located in Grand Case, a French restaurant representing the best in fine dining cuisine, including a highly curated wine list and the freshest selection from the sea. www.ocean-82.com



COMPASSION IN ACTION SPA Feel focused, rebalanced and rejuvenated from the privacy of your our own villa. www.compassioninaction-spa.com



FABULOUS FEASTS A full-service gourmet catering service. Renowned Chef Bertrand L’Herbette created a luxury dining experience that included an in-home chef and butler hospitality. New friends joined us for a special night at Mes Amis. www.fabulousfeasts.com



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