Giving fur a whole new life

By Kerry Johnston  |  Ravens Feather Photography | Model Mandy Johnson

What to do when your beloved grandmother has passed away, and she’s left you her favourite, but elderly, mink coat….that’s three sizes too small? And you’re just not a fur coat kind of person. You could shove it to the back of a closet, or send it to the landfill, but there’s a much more stylish solution. Reach out to Liz Beckley and have her turn the coat into a pair of fur throw pillows that will make you smile. Or a hot water bottle cover that you can take to bed with you, along with fond memories. Or even a group of adorable Christmas tree ornaments and a stocking, so you can think of her every holiday.

Fewer people are wearing fur coats these days, but there are thousands of coats out there looking for homes. Some are inherited, some end up in second hand stores, and some are just getting pitched, heading to already over-full landfill sites. Liz has found a way to recycle and repurpose the fur, giving it a whole new life. If you have a favourite purse that’s getting a little out of style, it can be back to looking fabulous with the addition of a little mink, and maybe some natural elements like feathers or leather. She’s constantly upgrading basic purses into glamorous bags that are sure to impress, with strips of lynx or seal.

You can even add some luxury to the practical with a soft backpack covered in Mongolian lamb or an unexpected wallet covered in muskrat. And the bags she sells sometimes come named after the original owner of the coat, complete with a little personal history of them. She also has a knack for pairing vintage jewellery and reclaimed fur, in part thanks to her zero waste policy. There are fur bracelets and earrings to make you sparkle, or you can add some highlights with a scrunchie or fluffy pom poms.

How about a warm cozy coyote scarf, or toasty fox fur mittens or a muff to keep your hands warm this frigid winter. You can also get fur trim cuffs and collars to dress up a jacket or sweater. It’s all a chance to come up with one of a kind, upcycled luxury. You can shop Liz Beckley Bags on Etsy, where crafts flourish, or on her website at, or tour through her products on her sites on Facebook and Instagram.


Liz Beckley Bags