For the Mother you Love

By Kerry Johnson | Photography by Nicolino DeFrancesco

Mother’s Day is coming, and if you’re lucky enough to still have your mother in your life, you’re probably thinking about what kind of gift will tell her how you feel. Even though she’s been telling you not to get her anything, you want to make her feel special and appreciated.  And there’s nothing like roses to do exactly that.

There’s almost a symbolism when it comes to roses and mothers. Each rose is a cluster of soft, gentle petals, wrapped in layer upon layer like a mother’s arms wrapped around her children. And the many layers represent generations of mothers and grandmothers nurturing and protecting their families through the decades.. But they’re carried by a strong, sturdy stem, keeping the family aloft, and keeping its own little world together. And don’t forget the thorns, protecting the flower like a mother protects her children.

The biggest choice is deciding which roses to get her. A major florist like The Rosarium in Concord has a wide variety of options. Should it be red roses, timeless and classic like her? Or is she so sweet, only pink ones are the right choice. Maybe a delicate white for the innocent and pure. If she’s a little crazy, you might want to pick something more unusual like purple, or a vibrant orange. For the artistic type, maybe flowers that look like they’ve been splattered with paint with a Jackson Pollock effect!

Size and presentation are other factors to think about. The Rosarium is more than happy to send out bouquets of a dozen gorgeous blooms, but if you’ve been apart for a long time, (or have a lot to apologize to your mom for!) you can have them deliver an explosion of 50, 75, or 100 or more flowers.

Bunches of blooms aren’t the only option, though. They’ll also put together roses and lush greenery in a vase, or a full floral arrangement that is guaranteed to put a smile on her face. There are even special rose groupings in pretty hat-box or heart-shaped containers. Or, if you want something more long lasting, you can order their Forever Roses in a variety of colours and containers so there’s a constant reminder that you’re thinking about her.

Your mother has spent her life giving to you and your family. On Mother’s Day, make sure you give back some of that love and caring in a way that will warm her heart, and let her know she’s truly appreciated.