Helping people to get moving and reach those fitness goals

In 2016, I thought I would never have fun again. After the traumatic loss of my father, dancing was the furthest thing from my mind. One day I was reminded by a friend to get back to doing what brings me joy. For me that has always been dance. I shook myself off and decided to pursue the avenue of dance fitness. I began teaching in a studio in Columbus, Ohio.

Relocating to Barrie in 2018, I decided to share my passion with people living here, and Beatz in Barrie was born. Aside from all of the fun we have in class, there are the physical and mental benefits – the calorie burn (500+/HR), cardiovascular benefits ( 5000+ steps/HR), increase in mental clarity, stress relief and so much more, Beatz classes also offer a sense of community. New friendships are formed. People feel safe and welcomed. For that hour, three times a week, you are free. You leave all your responsibilities at the door. You focus on you. You dance, you sweat, you scream, you cry if you want.


The reaction from Beatz students has truly been the most rewarding thing in doing all of this. Dance is my calling and what I love to share, helping people to get moving and reach those fitness goals is amazing as well, but nothing compares with truly making a change in someone’s life.  The amazing messages of “I really needed this” to “this is what I look forward to every week” truly have an impact on my own life. With the current COVID-19 situation, I received a message from a family that has been directly affected, the father hospitalized, fighting for his life. They expressed to me that attending my virtual class was the one day that she was able to feel joy and laugh with her kids. She further expressed to me, “You don’t know how your classes are making a difference in people’s lives.” I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help others, and to share with you what I love and sustains me. It’s more than a dance fitness class. Beatz is helping to improve people’s lives and that makes me so proud, and I know my dad would be too.

Currently due to COVID-19, Beatz is not running in studio sessions but adapting by running classes virtually on the video conference app Zoom.

Classes are available Monday/Wednesday 7pm and Thursday 7:45pm.

Find Beatz on Facebook or Instagram @beatzinbarriefitness.



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Photography by Laura Joy Photography