Visualize. Stimulate. Create. Accomplish

By Robert Hertwick | Photo Andrew Manson – Manson Images

Would you believe that the same strategy being taught to air force fighter pilots at Top Gun School is being used to drive innovative design at a boutique design firm in Midhurst Ontario?  At Madison Taylor, that is exactly what is happening.

The OODA loop, short for Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act, is a strategic decision making process, which is the backbone of training fighter pilots for air-to-air combat. 

The Madison Taylor team has taken this theory and used it to develop a method of design composed of the initial gathering of information, the detailed analysis of that information and then the decisions which make up the development of a process coined, “Integrated Design.”

Integrated Design is a strategic approach to building design that relies on the combination of multiple disciplines to synchronize the function and form of a building. 

Madison Taylor utilizes a combination of architecture and engineering and then takes it a step further by adding interior design to create a truly collaborative concept that allows the form of a building to be dictated by its required function.  Madison, the founder of Madison Taylor, now ensures that all designs conceptualized and implemented at the studio are created from the inside out so that all the functions and requirements of the building or home are met while the structure takes form.

When you enter the studios of Madison Taylor, you can instantly see the welcoming combination of practicality and modern grit that have now become the MT trademark. 

A style that can only be achieved through the direct experience of being a business woman, a wife and a mother. The firm follows suit by creating both commercial and residential designs that are inspired by function, practicality and a simple, streamlined edge that makes every design unique in its own right.

But why are builders, developers, home-owners, small businesses, hotels and restaurants flocking to work with Madison Taylor?  The world-class designs certainly help, but the real reason lies within the firms combined experience in hospitality design, construction management, and both commercial and residential architecture.   

This experience has allowed Madison Taylor to develop a complete design system that integrates interior design and architecture into one service followed by a construction drawing package that is so detailed that it removes all assumptions from the construction process, creating projects that can be easily tendered and easily managed.

One of Madison Taylor’s preferred custom home builders has said it the best, “I don’t understand why anybody building a home wouldn’t have Madison Taylor create an integrated design package.  I didn’t need to be on site as often, my build was completed 30% quicker and because everything from grout, windows, faucets and shingles were specified by make, model, colour and price, it was near impossible NOT to come in on budget. And everybody loves Madison’s designs.”

What is the natural progression of a design firm?  Along with a team of current architectural technologists, Madison Taylor has recently partnered with architect Erin Hoffman to create the architecture firm, Hoffman Taylor, a division now poised to take on larger commercial projects and making Madison Taylor one of the few interior design firms in the region with the ability to collaborate and integrate design and architecture without having to leave the office.