Pie Media Group celebrates International Women’s Day 2021

After 15 years as an independent tastemaker Pie Publisher highlights just a small group of women in The Greater Simcoe Region who set the standard of what is currently popular in our homelife during this pandemic. Follow us on Instagram as we take a journey into the heart of our community through inspiring women…



6 books Amanda suggests that you should be reading…

1. Who doesn’t love a good John Grisham Novel: Sycamore Row (this one delivers – such a beautiful tale of love, life and struggle)

2. Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

3. Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

4. Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

5. Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

6. The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty ***or any of her books – she wrote Big Little Lies (HBO series) – great “draw the reader into their lives” stories


Founder of Millionaire Mom, real estate investor, coach and speaker. Focused on creating multiple streams of income with ease and flow. 6 ways Susan is staying well at home…

1.   Daily walks in nature. Whether it it 20 minutes or an hour and 20. I am out connecting with nature every single day.

2.   Bringing beauty inside. I treat myself to roses every single week.They bring me joy. A simple pleasure I can enjoy even in lockdown.

3.  Meditation. Quieting the mind so it can respond at its best day in day out.

4.  Writing. The creativity and need to share has been powerful over these last few months so I take time to write and share. In the hopes that what is coming up for me may be of value to others.

5.   Listening to my body like never before. Eating the things that agree with it and letting the things go that don’t. Let go of things I spent years believing were great for me.

6.  Luxury self care time every week. Whether it is a bubble bath, curling up on the couch with good movie, indulging in some dark chocolate or my favourite latte.



6 things they are doing as a family to stay sane and busy during lockdown…

Our biggest issues has been with our kids (ages 3,5 and 7) spending so much time together with no individual time or time with friends that they fight with one another.

During lockdown and home schooling we had been keeping the days separate and exciting by having Taco Tuesday’s, Donut Challenge Wednesdays to try and eat a donut from a string with our mouths only! And Take Out Thursday’s where we picked up local food for dinner. These things I realize are all centred around food ha! But they kept the days of the week from blending into one another and the kids really looked forward to it.

We also went tobogganing a lot!! Our number one activity was finding a great hill to sled on. Our favourite was the trails in snow valley! We found some great luge runs in the trails. As an adult, I secretly enjoyed it just as much as the kids. Lol

I think I have only mentioned 4. Number 5 would be baking and cooking. I personally enjoyed having more time to cook and do some experimental baking. I always tried to go for the healthier version of whatever I baked. Not sure my family is always onboard for my healthy treats as I am usually the only one who eats it. Using juice pulp in a muffin recipe was the breaking point for my kids. They won’t eat any muffins I make now. Oops!

Lastly, I didn’t drink wine during the week (unless It was a tough week) but truly enjoying a few glasses with Ryan on the weekends was so relaxing! Even more relaxing than not in lockdown.



6 things that kept Lee-Ann sane…

1.  My three awesome sons.

2. My two crazy dogs and awesome friends.

3. Wine.

4. YouTube – Forcing myself to learn something new every day – via YouTube videos ie investing in stocks, How to build a bird feeder, bookkeeping for small business.

5. Trickster cards app – played cards every week with my family out west and friends online. What a great app, it’s like zoom with a card table! Very fun.

6. Opening a Downsizing Diva Franchise.



6 ways to Angela provides self care:

Have a bath with soothing music.

Go for a walk in the forest.

Catch up with friends on weekly zoom calls.

Meditation in morning and at end of day.

Snowshoe hikes.

Herbal teas in evening.



6 Tips for a happy life: Basically a tip that has 6 parts!

1. People always says ‘love yourself’ which IS essential because every relationship we have including to happiness hinges on that. But HOW do we effectively do it…? I’ve noticed it’s a process. As Shakespeare said, step 1 is to ‘know yourself’. SELF-AWARENESS is a life-long discovery but without it true happiness can’t really bloom. Remember, ‘to love someone is to know them.’

2. Once we start to really know ourself ie the good, the bad, the ugly we can either judge ourselves or we can choose to develop the 2nd phase of self-love which is SELF-COMPASSION. This softens our heart towards ourself and also towards all others.

3. Self-compassion naturally leads to SELF-ACCEPTANCE. This is about truly seeing ourself as we are and being OK with that. It’s not lying to ourself or overlooking things we’d like to change, but allowing ourselves to grow. It’s actually quite a relief! Acceptance towards ourself creates calm confidence and this feels like happiness in our body and being.

4. Once we have self-acceptance now things get really juicy! From this solid base we can reach higher levels of happiness and fulfillment in life. Once we accept ourself as we are we naturally receive a basket of beautiful things like intuition, magnetism, and faith in ourself and life because self-acceptance unlocks something powerful… SELF-WORTH.

5. Self- Worth is a portal to SELF-TRUST. Self-trust keeps us safe. Self-trust allows us to take beautiful risks. I think of Self-trust as our Golden Compass that broadens our horizons and makes our journey in life smoother with less drama and more happiness.

6. Self-Trust is a gateway to the most blossomed version of yourself… SELF-REALIZATION. This is your highest life, your pleasure and purpose combined into one beautiful story of you. It’s living your Legacy… and that is the sweet spot between your grandest vision of happiness for yourself and what takes the rest of the eco-system Higher.

To summarize, I believe that self-love is the key to true happiness and it is cultivated through a series of steps, an evolution. It doesn’t happen overnight but it is worth the journey because ‘the roots create the fruits!’



6 tips for a happy life…or maybe more accurately 6 ways to stay on and even keel…

1. Take good care of your vessel. Drinking plenty of water, eating well and getting enough rest is proven  to improve mental health.

2. Spend time in nature. Spend at least one hour a month in a place with more trees than people lol.

3. Let go of the day that is behind you. Each night before falling asleep release all that doesn’t serve you from the day that has past. Making room for the blessings that coming in for tomorrow.

4. Talk to your self regularly. No one knows you as well as you know yourself. Remember when you take this time to treat your self with acceptance and mercy.

5. Celebrate yourself. At least once a month treat your self. Whether it’s a shopping spree , lunch out with a friend or a bottle of wine and a bubble bath. Celebrate your successes large or small.

6. Don’t get caught up in things that don’t belong to you. It’s difficult in a time with so much outside influence to differentiate between what is and what is not for you. Practice meditation and hone your intuition.

Hopefully these tips help you loves. They certainly have been crucial on my Journey.



6 ways she has improved her life…

1. I have started reading again. Reading takes me away from everything that’s going on in this crazy world and engages my whole brain. I am a big worrier so reading takes up all of that room in my head like nothing else can. So far, I’ve read over 100 books during the pandemic and have no intention of slowing down.

2. Speaking of slowing down. In my 27 years of broadcasting, I have never really known what that meant in practice but the Pandemic has given me no choice but to figure it out. With no extra curricular activities or events on the calendar, I have really learned how to enjoy a day of nothingness. I love this slower pace so much that I don’t know how I will return to my other way of life.

3. When we do return to normal, I will never allow myself to devalue my time like I used to. Every moment means so much to me. I have more time to enjoy the simple things like a Saturday morning coffee with my guy. When I start filling up the calendar again, My morning time with my guy has the highest value so anything in that spot will have to have equal or greater value.

4. I have improved my life by realizing that I need very little to be happy. Just my guy, my family, and my kitties. I will never seek the same types of things I once did.

5. It sounds cliche but every night, I write down a few things that I’m grateful for. During the darkest days of the pandemic, this has been my lifeline. Ive learned that when you go to sleep with a grateful heart..you wake up with a hopeful one.

6. I have also tasked myself with learning something new every day. It doesnt have to be big. For example, yesterday, we watched a movie about an archeological dig at the site of Sutton Hoo. After the movie, which was based on a true story, I researched the story and was fascinated by what I found. Allowing my brain to explore it’s natural curiosity and having the time to do it has been a real game changer for me.



6 words to embrace…









6 songs Jamie can’t live without…

1. Heavenly by Cigarettes after sex

2.Forever Young by Alphaville

3. No One by Alicia Keys

4. Angels by The XX

5. I’m drinking Rum and red bull by Beanie Man

6. A whole new world by Peabo Bryson



6 design trends from Leah…

1. Home Office; When your home doubles as so many spaces, it is important to try and keep some level of separation. Try to find a space that can just be yours!!
2. House Plants; You only need stop by Instagram to see that houseplants have never been more fashionable. In 2021 we will see less plastic or faux and man-made materials, more natural and organic materials. Start small, gradually add plants and make sure to choose plants according to the natural light levels you have at home. Do not be scared to bunch them together.
3. Wallpaper; If you were to ask me, it never really went out of style! As a design element is a key trend. Also, self-adhesive, removable wallpaper is gaining popularity with people who rent or are looking for a low-commitment way to upgrade their living space. This type of wallpaper is perfect for an easy and dramatic room change, get creative and simply peel it off when you get tired of it.
4. Black Kitchens; 2021 sees Kitchens moving away from the long-time classic white, and here’s why. This strong colour choice helps to create a distinction between a kitchen and living area in an open-plan space without needing to put up any walls. Still not sure you can do a black kitchen- Consider black lower cabinets with a lighter color for the uppers so that the look is not overwhelming or pairing black with open shelving for a lighter look. TIP Black is considered a neutral colour, so it works with everything.
5. Outdoor living spaces are the heart of the home.
6. Reuse and Repurpose; With safety still being a top concern sometimes its best just to shop in your own home. Repurpose things. Shuffle artwork around your house. Move furniture to another room. Re- accessorize what you have rather than starting over. Keep the pieces that mean something to you, just use them somewhere different.



6 design trends from Lisa…

Adding greenery – bringing the outdoors in

Botanical and textured accents

Black painted walls

Mixing of metals – adding in the warmth of brass

Arches – curves ahead

Neutrals – bringing beige tones back



6 things Andrea cannot live without at home…

1.       My weekly flower delivery from Joshua’s Greenery – happiness in a vase

2.       Music – Google Home and Spotify

3.       Hello Fresh – makes cooking and family dinner’s way more enjoyable

4.       IPad Pro – I cannot sit still  to watch a movie

5.       Nespresso

6.       My dog – our walks through Sunnidale Park are what has kept me sane during these crazy times

6 things that kept me sane during the pandemic:

The pandemic hit HARD as a gym owner – not only because my business was on edge but also because a “stay-at-home mom” is something I have never experienced for that length of time. After having my daughter, I went back to work part-time after a few weeks. I really do feel like my business is my baby too and honestly, as a business owner, sometimes you just don’t have a choice.

So, here I was a “stay at home mom”, and a stressed out business owner and THEN found out I was expecting half way through 2020.  I definitely needed to find ways to keep myself SANE during these closures!!

1) MY VIRTUAL FITNESS PROGRAM: After closing my gym due to lockdown, I kept my members active by running a virtual program online. I know this helped my clients BUT this also helped me immensely by staying active and continuing to communicate with others that I would normally see everyday!

2) MY PHONE : I am sure that a lot of us were clinging to our phones with not much else going on. I loved being able to work from my phone, connect with people, facetime my family and still see what people were up to through social media (even though it was never much)

3) ZEVIA – since coolers, wine and beer were off the table being pregnant, I LOVE my zevias which is a zero calorie soda sweetened with stevia!

4) NETFLIX: Let’s be honest here, netflix was a life saver this year….

5) MY GYM : The one benefit about owning a gym (even though it was the worst year to own one), was the fact that I had somewhere to escape to. SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS!

6) HOT SHOWERS: When stress would hit, a hot shower would always help me.

Cheers to 2021

6 relationship tips for a happy life…

Our relationship was an instant chemistry with the initial exchange of cute looks to innocent giddy infatuations. We progressed into a very quick engagement followed by a SERIES of up and downs or rather trials and tribulations. We are undoubtedly in a “WE ARE HERE” stage of our journey filled with admiration, respect, trust and lots of love and laughter with and for each other.

A relationship is something that we have come to realize is fluid requiring attention and effort from both sides. We have had to learn how to be patient with each other and help each other grow as individuals yet live a life where we are on the same page with one another. This has not always been easy. We are here almost 22 years later to share how we have managed to become stronger during one of the toughest times in our lives……COVID19!!!

1. Communicate: Be open and vulnerable with each other. We talk about one high and one low of the day even if we are tired or stressed out. This sometimes opens the doors to hours of conversation face to face with eye contact.

2. Enjoy dinner together: Uninterrupted mealtime is very important. No phones or TV at dinner. One cooks the other cleans. Sharing the responsibility brings us closer and does not allow resentment.

3.Get fresh air together: It is easy to stay inside but we ensure we walk every night tired or not.

4. Be Playful: I love playing jokes on my husband. I bought a microphone to sing my heart out and even though I am a horrible singer. We both laugh for hours over our silliness. Plus, John can’t stand when I am being a fool so he automatically joins in for the fun. He is a way better singer than me.

5. Know your love language: Mine is gifts and by that John knows that I love thoughtful gestures. He is a romantic at heart and sends incredible messages to remind me of how much he loves me. John’s is physical touch and by that I know how much an ankle rub or head massage means. We both try and fulfill each other’s love language daily to strengthen and improve our relationship.

6. Date Nights – John is great at sending calendar invites for a night to focus on just us. We get silly and playful with locations and ideas. This can be just dinner, a night away to the cottage or a suggestion to partake in some playful risky business.



Life during Covid…

Reflecting back upon a year together 24/7 I am pleased to report that my husband and I have weathered this past year together quite well. We are still making plans together for the future.

Most days I spend in my studio, creating clothing, jewellery, custom embriodery and epoxy resin pieces while listening to 1940’s music and David Sedaris read me his stories. Social media has also been a life saver in connectivity. I try to maintain positive and happy and laugh.

Spring is just around the corner and we are ready to come out of hibernation. Activities and who we spend our time with will still be limited. Comfort is still high on our priority lists. Find what makes YOU comfortable. Focus on your good fortune and most of all be kind to yourself.

Big achievement this year; quit smoking June 5th 2020

Stay Safe.

6 words Lori now embraces:









6 books you must read…

The Laws Of Human Nature – Robert Greene

The Book of Negroes – Lawrence Hill

The Female Brain – Louann Brizendine

Irresistible – Adam Alter

Braving the Wilderness – Brene Brown

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind – Yuval Noah Harari


6 ways Stacie improved her life during the pandemic…

1. Started mindfulness practice with daily meditation and gratitude.

2. Increased my cooking skills and learned to create all the delicious middle eastern foods I love to eat.

3. Going through the process of a home makeover, and making every room in my house a place I want to spend time.

4. Peloton App, spinning, running, strength, stretching and more. Never a shortage of home friendly workouts. I did already have a spin bike and weights but managed to purchase a treadmill to complete my home gym.

5. Making family mealtime a priority. Time to unwind and connect. Enjoying the “gifted” extra time with my 17- and 19-year-old sons.

6. Purchased an amazing new duvet and pillows for a luxurious night’s sleep.

These are all the gifts that this pandemic has brought into my life.



6 ways Karen stayed sane during the pandemic…

1. Morning meditation and self reflection.

2. Walks in the forest to connect with myself and nature.

3. Positive affirmations throughout the day.

4. Trying new recipes and encouraging my family to participate.

5. Bill Withers; A lovely day.

6. Let go of the resistance to anything by trusting in the process!

Supporting myself and the community by doing whatever I can.

6 ways Jean stayed sane during the pandemic…

For some people, this pandemic has caused shallow, rippling waves in their lives, and for others it has been a tidal wave, or for even some, a tsunami. I have made a conscious effort every day to keep my head above water; to avoid the undertow that is constantly threatening to pull us under. I’ve kept my sanity by actively keeping my H.E.A.D. U.P.!

HOBBIES – Pursuing my personal passions and interests in which my pre-covid lifestyle didn’t (apparently) leave me time for!

EXERCISE – Breaking a sweat in my house with HotBod Fitness virtual classes. So many excuses can be made, but I never regret a workout I didn’t feel like doing in the beginning.

ADVENTURE – Getting outdoors to enjoy nature and the fresh air, regardless of the conditions. A nice winter hike with my dog provides  me with both exercise and a time to reflect on the things that matter most in my life.

DRESS UP – There may be a stay-at-home order, but I’m still going to style my hair and put on some makeup (once in a while). Although people may not see me, it makes me feel confident and happy to put effort into my appearance.

UNITY – Knowing I’m not in this alone. We are all in this together, and staying connected (virtually) with my circle of friends and family is so unbelievably comforting.

POSITIVITY – Reminding myself that I’m in control of my own thoughts. There are so many ways in which this pandemic has had a positive impact on my life, and I consciously choose to focus on these facets, as opposed to succumbing to the negatives.



6 self care items…

Conditioner- must have! Feel like my hair and skin are extra dry these days from being inside. Moisture is life!!

Body lotion- see reasons above 🙂

Running shoes – with gyms closed I’m trying to find new and fun  ways to stay active and fit. Indoor workouts and outdoor runs as much as I can helps me stay strong physically & mentally!!

Feeling accomplished – ticking items off my to do list is a big factor towards my mental health. Something as simple as cleaning my sock drawer or organizing a shelf goes a long way to helping me feel like I’m still getting things done… and getting things done;)

Daydreaming of fabulous vacations or getaways- we are not going to have to stay home forever. Soon enough we are all going to go back to living our best vacation lives. I’m excited to be able to travel again and often find myself dreaming about where to go next and the warmer weather that is coming.

I am a Priority- if I need to nap, a quick chat with my bestie or a little online shopping binge I selfishly take a minute or 2 & indulge.  Life is stressful these days so I try find simple happiness without guilt ♡

The second wave was a time of healing and introspection for me.  I chose to tap into my creative side in positive ways, understanding that this time that I could not control what was happening, but also with some sense of optimism that my business would survive.

Here are my 6 ‘Cs’:

Crafting – trying new crafts

Cooking – making those favourite recipes I had not had time to

Contemplating – Looking at my world and what was important to me

Creating – exploring my creative side

Communicating – catching up, expressing my feelings

Calming – a healing process to build my inner self up.


6 things Lisa can’t live without at home…

My private creative oasis

Vintage robes

Dark roast organic coffee

My phone

Estée Lauder skin serum

Watching DIY makeovers


6 Places she’s going during Red Zone…

Restaurants — I am so excited to dine out again. I love any reason to celebrate, especially with food. I absolutely cannot wait for us to be gather again but until then I am happy to sit at my own table and people watch while I snack on food I didn’t make (which makes it more delicious!)

Work — I am so grateful to be able to go back to work. I love what I do. I enjoy helping others and watching as people progress in their health. I am so grateful to be able to continue in my business but I am excited to introduce some online offerings in the near future. The lockdowns have forced a lot of entrepreneurs to be creative and I might be a little late but I am getting on board.

Hot Yoga —  I have accumulated a few home exercise tools over the past year but nothing makes me sweat like being in the hot studio. Modo Yoga Barrie has reopened and I couldn’t be happier. I’m sure everyone who was waiting for gyms and studios to open again are excited. Movement and community are both so important to our overall health.

Local Shops — There are a few small shops that I have missed going to and I will slowly make my rounds. I love to support local and privately owned businesses as much as possible. Some shopping is just meant to be done in person and it’s nice to be able to see an item rather than just ordering it online.

Dog walks — This was never shut down but it is something I will continue to enjoy. My dog absolutely loves car rides and going for walks in new places. She just wants to be included in everything I do and every errand or excursion is an adventure for her. She reminds me to enjoy the company I am in and take in every moment.

Ice Fishing — I have never been before but there’s no time like the pandemic to try something outdoors for the first time. Donny, from Bear Point Fish Hut Rentals, is setting everything up and I’ve heard great reviews from everyone who has gone. I am a little weary of actually catching fish because I am not very confident about what to do with them after they’ve been hooked. Hopefully, someone else will know how to clean and cook our catch. I will pack some snacks though, just in case.


“Since the pandemic started, my most valuable realization is how little I need, how much I have and the true value of a human connection. Take in all of the moments, and appreciate their value.”

6 Books Jane recommends…

1. The Four Agreements – by Don Miguel Ruiz

2. The Map To Abundance – by Boni Lonnsburry

3. UnFu*k Yourself – by Gary Bishop ( Also has an amazing podcast called – UnFu*k Nation)

4. A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose – by Eckhort Tolle

5. The Alchemist- by Paulo Coelho

6. Awaken the Giant Within – by Tony Robbins


6 ways Jennifer has adapted to this new world…

1. Cooking from home more

2. Doing creative home workouts

3. Morning reading & meditation routine

4. More present family time together

5. Personal growth activities

6. Business building focusing on virtual methods


6 ways to self care…

1. Daily Baths.

2. Get Organized.

3. Got comfortable with saying No, Thank you or I’m unavailable.

4. Not trying to fix everything for my family. This is a good time to take a step back and just let my kids process this crazy life we’re living. Taking the pressure off of myself to be everything for everyone.

5. Getting into nature.

6. therapy.


6 ways Marcy has tried to elevate her life ….

1. We launched a not for profit last September called Guitars to Kids and it has been going very well!

2. Coordinated a guitar drive with ROCK95, created a community advisory board and have placed more than 50 guitars in the hands of children, teens and youth in the region!

3. Finding new trails to explore, paddle boarding, boating have all been very enjoyable.

4. Designating a quiet space for yoga and setting up a fitness routine.

5. Reading.  I have read more books in the last year than I have in a very long time.

6. Music is always a staple and we have found loads of artists across the globe that are streaming concerts from the comfort of their homes.

Do something kind for someone else. Leave a care package on their doorstep, send a card out of the blue, have something delivered, order a meal for them….we’ve all had to get very creative to stay connected!



6 Ways Stacey improved her life during the pandemic…

1. Spent more time with my family playing outside, movie nights, crafts, singing, family dinners and so on. Prior to the pandemic I worked a lot and had less time to spend with them and the time I did spend I would be exhausted.

2. Exercised by creating an inspiring work out corner in my home. Decided that I will work out to feel good and not to lose weight.

3. Read books and listened to audio books about interesting topics and personal growth.

4. Stopped/reduced alcohol intake, focused on healthy eating and drinking more water.

5. Embraced my creative side with painting and sewing. I never would of had time to create for myself before.

6. Self care! Facials, mani pedi, hair treatments, bubble baths, gua sha stone massage… all of that good stuff.


Life in quarantine some days has been difficult. Music is a motivator. Listening to a good song when your’re having your coffee, working around the house or taking the dog for a walk.

I love vinyl, listening to the radio or my music with my AirPods.

To many songs to choose from but here are 6 songs Valerie can’t live without…

Love Cats – The Cure

Take On Me – A-Ha

One Step Beyond – Madness

Take Me Home – Spirit of the West

Mirror in the Bathroom – The Beat

In The Air Tonight – Phil Collins



6 Tips For a Healthy Lifestyle…

Well Balanced Diet

Make Self Care a Priority

Move your body

Enjoy time outdoors daily

Spend quality time with Family and Friends

Do what you Love


6 favourite self-care tips…

Say “No”.  During these difficult times I’ve realized now more than ever how important it is to say no when I don’t want to do something (Or “On” if you hold the “No” card upside down by accident. Lol). I have sacrificed my own happiness for most of my life to make others happy; now I make sure to do what I need to do for my health first.

Nap without guilt. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are lazy if you nap. Embrace the peace of a good snooze.

Snuggle your pets (more). I take time to hug my pets as often as possible. I can tell it makes them happy too.

Draw. I love getting my hands messy with art. I use oil pastels so that I can push the colours together and get my hands dirty. It’s so satisfying.

Hug your family members. I hug my family more often now. Lockdowns have prevented me from seeing family members including my grandson for months at a time. When I can hug them, I do!

Coffee. The smell. The sounds. The taste. Enough said. 🙂


Six tips for a happy life…

Love and rely on God and be the person you were created to be by fulfilling your purpose and living your passion.

Practice kindness, patience, and empathy towards yourself and others.  Appreciate we are all on the journey.

Elevate others and let go of criticism and judgment.

Practice acceptance and try not to have expectations on yourself or others.

Stay curious, creative and play like you did when you were a child even if you are in your 80’s.

Look for the humour and lessons in everything. Be humble but bold. Celebrate your successes and embrace your losses. Feel your feelings and cry rivers of tears to heal any of life’s hurts long the journey.


6 things you can’t live without at home…

1. My boys. They are my shining light. Even when they drive me insane, even when I have heard  “Mommy” for the 100th time in a day and I want to scream, I look back  when I go to bed and I realize that this world would be very dark without them!

2. My husband.  He is my rock! He supports my adventures and pushes me to strive for more.

3. My parents. They moved in with me about a year ago. It feels weird to live with my parents again but to know that I can spend more meaningful days with my mom is a blessing. She suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and I know her days are cut short.

4. Coffee! I’m sure this a common one among moms…as much as I want to say Wine is my go-to in the evenings, I’ve decided to put that on the back burner as much as I can!!

5. My MAC computer! This is my life-line. This pays the bills, this is my nightly entertainment, this is my connection to the world during uncertain times.

6. My photo gallery. Over this past year, I have looked back at my photos and realized that we need to create more moments. This is a challenging time and looking back at photos of trips, adventures, friends and family members reminds me that I have things to look forward to!  The world will return to a “New Normal” one of these days!  When it does, I’ll be here with my family.


6 tips for a happy life…

1. Tune out the fear, and turn up the music!

2. Help others (and never be scared to ask for help).

3. Go outside whenever you can! Disconnect to reconnect with nature.

3. Relax, read and rest.

4. Talk about ideas and dreams – not about other people.

5. Savour every bite of a great meal.

6. Choose collaboration over competition.



6 things that have gotten Julie through the pandemic…

Nespresso Machine – I’m not a big coffee drinker but when I indulge, it has to have all the fixings, steamed oat milk, flavoured syrup and most importantly good coffee! I love how compact this machine is and how quickly it makes a variety of hot beverages.

Peloton Bike –  I was fortunate enough to have ordered my bike last January so the wait was short & I’ve been able to enjoy it since the beginning of the pandemic. Having  the option to exercise at home has been a god sent for my physical and mental health. I love all the classes, it’s so much more than just a spinning bike.

Batiste Dry shampoo for blondes – Wow, can’t say enough about this product, it really helps when you’re having a bad hair month lol ! It covers my greys, my dark roots and refreshes my hair between washes.

Dr Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizer  – I love a nice Tequila, but the Tequila smelling hand sanitizer being dispensed at  a lot of stores literally makes my stomach flip !! I have a bottle of this amazing  lavender hand sanitizer on me at all times now, I buy mine at Natures Best.

Ugg Fluff Yeah Slides – These bad boys are like a hug for the feet !! I’m always cold and they are so warm and cozy but have a sturdy sole with good support, added bonus they cover up my very outgrown pedicure 🙂

My Boys – Ok so they aren’t a thing …. LOL  but I don’t know how I would have got through the last 11 months without them, it’s been very “cozy “ at times having everyone home ALL the time, but their humor and hugs are everything to me.


6 ways Anita improved her life during the pandemic…

1) Practice what I preach and slow down. My ahhhhh. Adding time to my days by enjoy walks in the wood and hike the Simcoe trails and our waterfront with Dario and my fur bestie Tramp.

2) Meditate is my crack. Clears my mind so I can focus better and improves my health. Do my meditations everyday and share my meditations I have created with my hypnotherapy for best results. Clear you mind from all the negativity as well.

3) As I improve my healthy eating we share more with Passion Is Cooking classes we do virtually. Adding more local products and veggies to our diet for healthy aging. This pandemic makes us realize how important our health is and offer classes with my chef partner.

4) Mindset shift in realizing that we don’t know the whole picture of what is going on and that everyone is doing their best. I choose to think that globally we are all wanting this pandemic to be over and trust in the process and energetically create a positive outcome.

5) Finding hobbies in this time to do things I haven’t alway had the time to do. Learning some more Italian and want to take up Salsa and find a online class.

6) Staying connected is so important right now. Family. Friends. Community. Helping community like with Sandra Roberts is doing. We are better when we can do things together and enjoy connecting with as best we can right now and continue to connect and support each other.


6 words to embrace…

Living history through this pandemic has made a lot of people take a look at what the important things are in our lives…

Patience – To remain calm throughout this process.

Compassion – For anyone who is struggling to understand how to adapt to these challenging times.

Kindness – Paying it forward to those less fortunate.

Family – How I so miss family gatherings.

Touch – Hugging is one of the things I miss the most.

Positivity – Choosing to have the best outlook instead of focusing on the negative.


6 ways Kenesha improved her life during the pandemic…

1. Social distancing. Literally, I focused more on myself and cut the crap out; I.e. being dragged into social situations that do not benefit my life.

2. Got out in nature! This was my first winter actually playing outside more than just transportation. Skating, snowmen, snow angels, outdoor photo shoots with Sandra.

3. Curb side pick up and delivery. I no longer waste my time shopping and purchasing things I do not need.

4. Mediation. Big time. I have taught myself how to be still. Finding myself and my thoughts and that has benefited my life by acknowledging who I am for me. Working on it to better me.

4. Less consumption of alcohol has improved my life. Making healthier decisions moderating food and drink. Not getting drunk or full.

5. Self Care – Realizing I can’t do everything and it’s okay to say no. People pleasing isn’t always the best option, I need to please myself first to help others.

6. Stop Swiping – instead of trying to find the perfect date, I decided to date myself and it’s been extremely rewarding


6 ways Winter improved her life during the pandemic…

1. Manifesting/Setting Intentions.

2. Making my health a priority.

3. Reflecting daily with gratitude.

4. Reconnecting with nature.

5. Adopting the ‘Yes’ philosophy. Often my first response to many opportunities would be to say No, not because I didn’t want to do them, but because of my own insecurities. By saying ‘yes’ more often, I have become more accepting of myself.

And probably most importantly….

6. One of the best choices I made a few years ago was to start being really mindful of who I surrounded myself with.

Choosing men and women I admired and respected was important. People who would make me want to do better and be better, who inspired me. People I could learn from. People who have the same love of community as I have and most importantly, people I could be vulnerable with.

When I look around me now, I am grateful for the people I see.

We’re all here just trying to do our best in life, but with the right people around us, we’re capable of so much more.


6 items of self care…

Yoga mat

Coregeous Ball

Dry brush


Good Book



6 songs Sarah can’t live without…

Free Bird-Lynyrd Skynrd

Superstition-Stevie Wonder

Can’t Hold Us-Macklemore


Sara Smile-Hall and Oats (I was named after this song)

Lazy Eye-silversun pickups



6 things that have gotten her through the pandemic…

Anything bath related! My speaker, so I can blast my music and dance My karaoke machine! The sage bundle that was gifted to me Guided meditations Coffee!



6 Books that are must reads…

The Bhagavad Gita

Tao te ching

The power of now

Think and grow rich

The four agreements

All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten

Books are the best. I prefer old fashion paper over blue light reading, turning pages and bookmarking. How about highlighting important messages in these treasures for future reference. Books are tangible we can feel, smell and see with our own eyes. Seeing this world through our own perspective is so important especially today when dividing us has turned into a sport. Critical thinking is a thing! Be solid in your convictions, impeccable with your words and always lead from the heart. Grab your favorite book, a blanket and special hot beverage,  that’s all you need to have a pandemic party, keep safe happy and healthy.


6 favourite self-care tips…

It is so important to take care of yourself so you can care for others. This past year has made that crystal clear.

1 – Walks in the forest with my family, both two legged and four legged. The peace and tranquility found in the landscape around us is breathtaking. We walk and walk and walk.

2 – Mediation and Energy work – life is a balance of holding on and letting go. Energy surrounds us, flows through us and connects us all.

3 – Crochet, nothing makes me happier than a ball of yarn and a hook in my hand. Returned to my love of crochet and started gifting, donating and selling them.

4 – Started a book club via zoom with some amazing friends. We read, we laugh and we connect.  It’s so important not to lose connections during this time.

5 – Community. It has never been clearer how important community is and how much stronger we are when we work together. Supporting local and rippling kindness matters every day.

6 – Gratitude. I have kept a gratitude journal and write down things that matter, acts of kindness and memories that pop into my head before I fall asleep. There are so many things to be grateful for and gratitude turns what we have into enough.


6 tips for a happy life…

1. Have a great relationship with your family

2.  Work hard

3. Eat healthy haha

4. Always do what you can for family and friends

5. Go above and beyond

6. If someone wants to dance. You dance! Preferably in the kitchen!



6 self care tips..

1. Epson Salt

2. Bananas lol – eating breaky is very important for a healthy lifestyle. Bananas are great for your skin and after a work out. My work out is done in the morning.

3. Baby oil, I oil my skin every day

4. Proper skin care – I spa myself in the evening and my skin is looking great now. During pandemic I lacked in my routine. Started getting Marionette lines. By taking care of me those lines are gone. Ps thank goodness

5. Art supplies, this has been great for keeping a healthy positive state of mind.

6. Meditation videos from YouTube. So good for organizing thoughts & balancing energy.


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