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By Tara Flannery-Brox |  Interior Design Arnal Photography

Want to customize, personalize or make your space new? Andrea McMullen, ADM Design Inc dares you.

With a staff of more than 20, you’re sure to get the best from this design and build team who are led by someone who truly loves what she does. This exclusive designer for Friday Harbour brings together form and function designed for living well. If you want something done, ask a busy person, is a phrase not lost on Andrea. During our 20 minute conversation, she cleaned out her garage and checked in on a nearby project while describing a life lived well, growing and improving by design. “Hire better! That’s what my dad taught me”, she said.


Kenesha Lewis Photography


Andrea hopes to inspire her clients to consider a twist on modern, living spaces like angled tile, horizontal cabinetry, art installations that are lighting features. “Try big, bold lighting and find an original art piece that reflects a soulful part of you”. That takes risk to find and risk to share. But honest risk is familiar to Andrea, being a trailblazer in her own field.

Andrea went on to describe some personal art, a personal connection to the artist and the community, and a Trecca buffet in the dining room, coloured in elegant, Italian, metallic glass A new design is an opportunity to do things differently.

ADM Design and Decor dares to make different delightful. What’s your unexpected? ADM has already tried and tested how to make your design dreams a reality. Will you dare to expect the unexpected? All decor can be found in store at Friday Harbour and Queen St. in Newmarket.



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