People love to get Flowers

By Kerry Johnson | Morgelli Creative Photography

Thinking about getting that special someone a gift? Maybe you considered flowers, but thought that was a little old school, a little stereotypical. It turns out, there’s a reason for that. It’s because people love to get flowers!

A study from Rutgers University found that flowers have an immediate positive effect on mood, and it’s pretty significant. After receiving flowers, people were feeling less depressed and anxious, and they had a higher sense of life satisfaction and enjoyment. In other words, flowers made them really happy. And it doesn’t just apply to women. Another study found that men who get flowers show increased social interaction and happiness, although they’re a little less obvious about it. While women showed more emotion, the men were just as happy!

Some say flowers are just a temporary gift that will be gone in a few days, but a great dinner is temporary too, and most of us can recall memorable meals that we think of fondly on a regular basis. A great bouquet of flowers means the recipient will be happy for every day they can gaze at the blooms, and get happy all over again as the memory lingers. 

That hit of endorphins is especially wonderful in the depth of winter, when the world around is a monotone of grey and white. That pop of colour brings a splash of life into any room, and shares that beauty with anyone nearby. In fact, according to Vaughan florist The Rosarium, some people arrange regular deliveries of flowers to keep boosting their mood all year long. Or they opt for one of their luxury plants like an orchid, so the blooms just keep on coming. 

Most flowers these days have no purpose other than to look good and sometimes smell good…and please the eye. But they can also increase self esteem. When that bouquet of red roses arrives at the door, you have to know that someone thinks you’re worth it! It lets the giver say in flowers what they can’t express in words, whether it’s love, admiration, romance or affection. If you have those flowers delivered to work, though, it also makes a statement to everyone there that that person is desired and admired…and may also stir up a little envy among their coworkers. Most women are more than happy to make a room on their desks for a delivery like that!

So if you’re still on the fence about getting flowers as a gift, remember the individual beauty of a flower can be reflected in the recipient…wild and adventurous, elegant and sophisticated, quirky and playful. Call up a shop like The Rosarium and let them help you pick the perfect bloom, and know someone’s eye’s will be lighting up with delight very soon.