By Tamara Rossignol   |  Photos Paul Koziorowski


Daniel Di Tommaso, owner and operator of Vintage Throne Barber Lounge, met with Pie to discuss the formative process of curating a fine-tuned barber lounge. Located in the heart of downtown Barrie, Vintage Throne exudes the energy of a luxurious space within a masculine barbering environment. Daniel, along with his wife and partner Sabrina, make one thing clear from the beginning of the conversation, family is at the center of everything they do and everything they want their clients to be a part of.

Having moved to Barrie in 2009 after owning and operating numerous salon and spas in the Greater Toronto Area, the couple desired to rebuild their careers with a business that gave them a better work-life balance. Vintage Throne evolved from the need for a lifestyle that allowed for more creative independence and that could exist in a laid-back lavish atmosphere. Daniel’s extensive and diverse twenty-five years of styling background and ongoing position as Canadian Artistic Lead with Sebastian Professional laid the foundation for the high-end services Vintage Throne provides. Runway shows with Gwen Stefani, Stella McCartney, Boy George and Greta Constantine, and styling for New York Fashion Week as well as Bono’s wife, Ali Hewson, also bring large-scale style, vision and sophistication to Vintage Throne.

However, being closer to home and getting the family involved was the motivational force for the transition into a more cultivated creative setting. Daniel and Sabrina love that they’ve fostered a locality where their family and yours can come in and feel at ease. As for the kids, Sabrina says, “They know life is different. We’re not driving one to two hours just to get home. Their schedules reflect our availability now, and they love this place.”

Since their opening in 2015, Vintage Throne has jumped into becoming a part of the local community family. Participating in local events, wellness events and philanthropy has only helped further their genuine desire to operate more than just a business – they’ve become a familiar face and welcoming space. “Let’s not just be people that moved here. How can we become a part of Barrie? We want to be a part of this community,” say the partners.

Stepping off the local downtown street into Vintage Throne, youíre instantly greeted with an ambience that emits a blend of welcoming, warm and well-tailored notions.

When you come in for a service, Daniel says the commitment to these three questions is where he starts his relationship with his clients: “We want to know your name, we want to know who you are, and we want to know what you do.” Although at first this may seem like a courtesy, all of these intimate details are crafted into the services that will best fit the individual client.

Vintage Throne looks to maximize the experience for all of their customers by catering not only to their barbering needs, such as cuts and styles, but also facial services like hot towel shaves and beard lineups that leave them feeling whole again. Daniel, his right-hand barber Michael and the rest of his team, believe everyone is deserving of a personal experience and will receive a full spectrum of services once they enter the doors. “Every client is serviced from beginning to end,” Daniel says.

Education also plays a role for Vintage Throne. Operating onsite, the Daniel Academy offers local courses, workshops and specific training in everyday salon and barbering skills. “Continued education available to salons across the region reinforces the community ties that are being created,” explains Daniel.

At Vintage Throne, barbers evolve daily. In fact, you can see them working on mannequin heads perfecting their craftsmanship in the Academy. Everyone here has their own touch. Their passion for achieving the best skills and implementing them back into the services provided in their own establishment speaks volumes to the kind of business, values and sense of community that Vintage Throne reflects. As Daniel said, Vintage Throne strives to showcase barbering at its best. It is a family establishment looking to learn from and positively touch every person they meet by sharing a true love for the craft and the essence of running a well-rounded, loyal and local business.


“Vintage Throne instantly greets you with an ambience that emits a blend of welcoming, warm and well-tailored notions.”