By Mandy Johnson | Photo Korby Banner


Back in the early 2000’s, Dr. Barb Loiskandl was a recognizable figure on CKVR TV bringing information on the “new science” of medical aesthetics and leading-edge laser technologies.  “That was a lot of fun,” Dr. Barb reminisced. Those early discussions have remained a big part of her business today. Fast forward twenty years, Dr. Barb’s business, Laser Health Works, has two locations (Barrie and Midland) and continues to be an innovator and offer mentorship in this branch of medical aesthetics/self improvement. That early vision enabled Dr. Barb to see value of these services and the need for safe, qualified and leading edge medical aesthetic technology for our area.

When we think of self improvement/living well, we think of the obvious: exercise, sleep and eating healthy. Many of us have already incorporated those things into our lives and are reaping the benefits of living a wholesome lifestyle. But that is only part of the way we experience the best version of ourselves. Enter Laser Health Works. The clinic only uses the best equipment, lasers and technology. Dr. Barb personally travels all over North America to test, train and select first class equipment for her office.  Safety is number one and, of course, effectiveness is priority.  Lasers are not all the same and there is also no regulation regarding who uses them. For that reason alone, it is crucial that you are working with medically trained professionals like the LHW team. Dr. Barb and her trained staff are there to take their clients to the next level of “looking and feeling good”.

Optimizing the best features of each client is as much art as it is science. LHW helps with enhancing each person’s natural beauty, not changing it.

“There are so many effective technologies that we have available, it’s really up to the client where they want to focus,”mentions Dr. Barb. The success, and results, really come from listening to what each client says, what their expectation is, the time frame they are willing to invest in and, of course, budget. The consultation and initial discussions with a client are critical. From there, the team can create a plan, set an expectation and begin treatment.

It was surprising to hear how the business has evolved over the years. The consumer is more educated regarding what is out there.  There are many different demographics that are using these services today.  Dr. Barb explained the cross section of clients that seek the help of their clinic. First, and most obvious, is a group that is looking to “restore” their skin to a more youthful/rested condition. This has been the primarily over 50 clients that originally came to use our services. Here’s what has changed. There are now those clients, perhaps in their 40’s that, are looking to “maintain” their skin/features. Armed with even more information regarding the benefits or regular skin care, this group of clients is a growing part of the LHW business. Now there are the millennials, armed with the most information, that are looking for “preventative” treatments. The success of Dr. Barb’s practice is the information and time that is invested in all that seek to benefit from her years of expertise, regardless what your personal aesthetic goal is.

The role of educator is evident in our discussion both regarding Laser Health Works and Dr. Barb’s take on balance and well being. It was refreshing to hear that she too struggles with schedules, with family, work and making time for self care. Dr. Barb is rather self effacing and modest regarding her “mark” here in Simcoe.

In addition to her successful clinic, Dr. Barb and her husband Dr. Rainer Loiskandl created Mikey’s Place for Autism in Midland. These philanthropic efforts were born from the personal and community need for education and support for families and children living with autism. It’s the bigger connection to community in which she operates that reminds us of her mission to improve, not only individual lives but those of many others too. It is easy to see that the momentum of Dr. Barb’s success is in her enthusiasm, honesty and passion for helping people.

It’s great to help clients “find themselves again”. There have been a lot of changes in the “beauty” business over the years. The technology and the information can be difficult to navigate. Working with a team that’s on top of leading edge information, that has received the highest level of training and is an ethical provider is invaluable. There is a reason that Dr. Barb and her team at LHW has been a household name for two decades. They have helped us age well over the years by putting our “best face forward”.