By Tamara Rossignol | Photos Scott Cooper

Reaching for caffeine has slowly transitioned from a morning ritual to an adaptable solution for an afternoon pick-me-up, social excuse, and beverage experience worth perfecting. Many trends have come and gone when it comes to the classic ‘hot cup of joe’ but the following timeless tweaks to regular java are sure to be sticking around.

Maintaining traditional flavours is at the heart of any coffee trend and nitrogen cold brew coffee is hitting its mark. With rising popularity, nitro cold brew is becoming the new summer go-to perk-up beverage and is available locally at Ashanti Coffee in Collingwood during the summer months. Infused with tasteless nitrogen gas, this iced coffee alternative is poured from a tapped keg creating the appearance of a Guinness-style stout with the creamy smoothness of a full fat cappuccino, sans guilt.

Served without ice and unsweetened, this is an unexpectedly smoother textured cold coffee experience great any time of the day.
Finding a place for coffee outside of daytime hours is a unique challenge but nonetheless totally do-able with this next option. Meeting up with friends for dinner on the garden patio of Urban Dish sets the stage for a great Friday evening filled with fabulous food and expertly crafted cocktails. Whether it be the in-house Dishtini or classic Espresso Martini, the mingling of sweetness and rich espresso depth stylishly offered up give the feeling of sexy elegance with every sip. Kevin, the on-staff mixologist, not only gives you the extra jolt needed to carry you through your evening, but makes the preparation of this perfectly executed drink seem effortless and fun.

Staying motivated through the daily grind is accomplished much more easily with the help of a little liquid boost. Ripe Juicery in Barrie has made it convenient to get the stimulant you need in their version of the classic latte without needing to throw your summer body goals away. The Cashew Latte is a perfect blend of low-cal cashew milk, cold brew coffee, chia seeds, and a hint of maple syrup. Despite this being a healthier alternative to an iced latte, the flavour is not lacking in creamy indulgence.
With the added immune benefits of zinc found in maple syrup and the necessary protein offered from the chia seed, Ripe has created something you can truly feel energized about.

These inventive alterations have maintained the conventional coffee flavour that many of us love and crave. Whether sitting down to sip something indulgent or stopping in for a quick lift, these on-trend coffee mods are sure to take up a role in your summer social events, mid-afternoon pick-me-ups, and perfect morning send-offs. When it comes to caffeine, know where to get your fix.