Making it Work!

By Tania Richardson and Melandro Quilatan

Black is the essence of all colour, it absorbs light without reflecting any other rays of colour. Yet, the thought of a black on black interior space can ignite fear in the most adventurous of souls.   

Why is that?

Are we afraid that black will instill depression or darkness into our lives? While black can be dark and dramatic, when used correctly it can be intimate and inviting.

Using black on black to create a jaw dropping experience requires a subtle balance of textures and materials, and a play on light and shadows.  Soften hard materials with sumptuous textiles like velvet or fabrics with a high degree of lustre or texture.  Introduce mirror and accent metals to play on the drama of the space.  Mirrors will help reflect light and add some enthusiasm, textures will satisfy your senses.  Architectural details such as applied mouldings, oversized baseboards and crown mouldings will further enhance your black on black space by adding depth and shadows.   

Where can I use this colour?

Treat your powder room as though it were a jewelry box.  Itís one space you can have some fun and be dramatic.  Think of it as an experience for your guests.  Black on black wallpaper can make a boring powder room elegant and sophisticated.  Contrast honed and polished flooring in your design – a subtle tone on tone floor design can pack a powerful punch in a tiny space.  Your guests will admire you for daring to brave such a bold colour!

Black is a colour that can instantly create ambience. When a dining room is painted black, it creates the perfect backdrop for an intimate dining and entertaining experience.  In a dark and dramatic space your guests will focus on the food and company around the table.    

Additional spaces that work well for black on black interiors are in dens, guest rooms, or secondary spaces that are in need of an extraordinary makeover.   

Not all spaces are created equal. We wouldnít suggest black in places where task lighting is required. Black absorbs all light, using black on black in the kitchen, an office or master ensuite where you need high levels of lighting would not be functional.  Keep those spaces light and airy to avoid straining your eyes and living in the dark.   

Black on black interiors may not be for everyone but for those brave enough to try, prepare yourself for a powerful make over.   

Focus on dramatic lighting and balancing textures and materials, the results will create a memorable experience!