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For six years, the filmmakers at FlyPress have been trailblazing a new standard in corporate video. Directed by Richard and Amy James and their growing team of creatives, FlyPress prides themselves on authentically telling brand stories. Their approach takes a close look under the hood to see what drives companies and the people behind them.

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Founded in 2012, FlyPress got its first big platform from an unlikely source, when a simple video of their daughter donating her hair to cancer patients went viral.

The video, titled Emily’s Hair, quickly struck a cord with viewers and caught the attention of many daytime programs including The View and The Doctors. Twenty million plays later, it was clear that even simple stories can wield great influence. “That experience really affirmed to us the power behind storytelling,” Amy says. “We realized that people are genuinely interested in connecting with each other through common and relatable circumstances.”


Emily’s Hair from FlyPress on Vimeo.


That human connection was something they noticed was missing in the world of corporate video, and was what ultimately led FlyPress to dedicate themselves to being brand storytellers. “We saw a need and realized we could bring great storytelling to corporate video. Corporate videos felt flashy and impersonal. They had less to do with the people and passion behind the business and more about their services and products,” Richard explains.

To challenge this, FlyPress have made it their goal to bring authentic and relatable content to businesses wanting to share their unique stories. “We believe one of the reasons companies choose video is because they recognize that consumers want to know more before they buy. A video is a great way to show your people, your space, your philosophy and products.”

FlyPress creates videos for people to connect with their audiences in a way that goes beyond traditional parameters by changing the narrative from an advertisement, to an exploration of the passion and motivation behind a company. “We can easily find information about services and products in this online generation, but buyers and consumers now want to make human connections and trust the people they are going to do business with,” Amy describes. “This is why video storytelling is such a powerful way to market your business.”


“The best part of this is that we get to meet so many individuals that are passionate about what they do and that is so inspiring”


And that storytelling cannot be done without authenticity – a central theme at FlyPress. “We want there to be a consistency between the viewers” understanding of the company after watching the video and what they will truly experience when they personally engage with the company.” Authenticity also encompasses the standard FlyPress holds for themselves by refusing to produce video that doesn’t represent their detailed approach to their own diverse array of clients, who keep their job so interesting.

“The best part of this is that we get to meet so many individuals that are passionate about what they do and that is so inspiring,” Richard says. “We are always looking for the story – what is the history, where did they come from, why are they passionate about what they do? These are the elements that viewers connect with. Real human moments.”

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