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Does a house make a home? What is that elusive quality that makes a space feel like home? You know it as soon as you walk in the door: your shoulders come down, you breathe out a gentle sigh, kick off your shoes, and sink in. The sense of setting everything down, all of the day’s work and burdens, along with your briefcase and groceries. The place that is uniquely you, your own little habitat, your haven. Perhaps home means family to you, or it may be your fortress of solitude; in any case, finding a place to create your space is often an emotional journey.


When considering buying a home, generally the largest purchase we make, we often have certain parameters and non-negotiables. On the other hand, we may not really have a clear idea of what we want, never mind what we actually need. The reasons behind a move are often complex and sometimes unfortunate, and it is invaluable to have someone patient, invested, caring, and sincere to support you as you begin your search. Julie Woolsey, Realtor with The Knowles/Woolsey Team, is there for you.

One of the things she finds most gratifying about her work is guiding people to that wonderful feeling of refuge and relaxation; feeling happy in their new space and ready for the next chapter.

She dedicates herself to building relationships with her clients, making an effort to get to know you, listening deeply, and using her formidable resource bank to offer fresh possibilities that you may not have considered. With a great deal of experience personally in renovation, remodelling, and the cathartic process of minimizing, she has a lot to offer, to say the least. If you are looking for some help with transforming your life, simplifying, having more time for pursuing what you love to do, perhaps starting at home base is wise, with a good coach. Her IG is a good place to start; you’ll be feeling inspired and supported from the beginning, @juliewoolsey_kwteam

“I haven’t done my job properly if someone walks away feeling like it was a transaction,” she said simply, noting that her family’s award-winning, boutique team prides itself on “providing tailored, personalized service.”

A good example is the closing gift; always thoughtfully chosen, based on your relationship and your journey together, rather than a closet-full of already wrapped, identical gifts with identical cards. It’s an interesting metaphor. Understated elegance and integrity deserves quiet success; and The Knowles/ Woolsey Team has achieved it.

The trend now is a movement away from square footage; people want less maintenance, they want details and finishings, and more time. Often making the transition from a large home to a smaller space can be difficult, but powerful and freeing. “When you simplify, you love everything in your home, because it is meaningful, carefully chosen.” Julie works patiently with her clients, supporting their process, allowing them time, and understanding that “we may need to look at 20 houses, not 6 and that’s okay,” she adds with a smile. Many of her clients have become friends, and their relationship continues.

“People are valuing experiences over things” she noted, a Realtor who values people over the bottom line. She is happy to help you find what you need in a home: a sense of release, a sense of safety, a sense of peace. At home with Julie, indeed.

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