A party with BBQ Party in a Box

Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they show up for a company barbeque and there’s a replica Snowbird jet parked on your front lawn. They’ll be even more shocked when a six-foot-long grill drops down from the tail, the wing is stocked with salads and drinks, and you’re opening up the cockpit to pull things out of the cooler. This is just the latest creation from the mind of Andy Babiak, owner of BBQ Party in a Box.

Don’t want a plane? How about a bright yellow ’57 Chevy for Grandpa’s birthday party, complete with jukebox to blast out fifties tunes, and an ice cream cart for dessert. Or a NASCAR-style racer, Chevy pickup truck, ’69 Camaro, A-Team van, or a formula one Indy car. And how many of your friends would be thrilled with the eye-catching bright red ZZ Top Ford coupe that comes with cardboard cut-outs so guests can pretend to be part of the band?



Babiak’s classic-car-themed catering company is innovative in a number of ways. He designs the replica vehicles, then his team of fabricators custom builds each BBQ vehicle, fitted with grill surfaces, propane tanks, coolers, and storage space. Each one comes with a separate speaker/PA system, cooling cart for salads and drinks, and ice cream cart for dessert.


BBQ Party in a Box shows up with their own tents, chairs and tables for guests, and all the food ready to go. Once dinner is done, they clean up, pack up, and leave behind nothing but full stomachs and big smiles.

Andy is a serial entrepreneur who can’t pass up a good idea. The move into catering was a fluke that started as a fun thank-you BBQ for past clients that had been helping him out, then picked up demand as clients saw the eye-popping designs for car-themed grills. When they started asking if they could book them for events of their own it didn’t take long for Andy to see a whole new business opportunity. All this is keeping him happy and motivated to keep going.

Expect to see more from this Ontario entrepreneur. BBQ Party in a Box has impressed so many people, Babiak has created opportunities for people to buy their own version of the concept, complete with themed auto packages. Buyers would get a turnkey operation with a concept vehicle/grill and all the accessories that fit in a promotional trailer, ready to hit the road. Start with one or grow your own fleet. There’s even help with financing and marketing. Want to figure out how to take the winters off? Start a new business with BBQ Party in a Box.



BBQ Party in a Box