Accessories brand Zvelle finds deeper meaning and purpose through the story of Dr Edith Eger

Often, fashion is seen as frivolous and superfluous – not for Elle AyoubZadeh, Founder of Toronto-based accessories brand Zvelle. Launching her brand in 2015, AyoubZadeh has looked beyond each item she creates to explore a more profound meaning. A shoe is not just a shoe, and a handbag, is not just a handbag – every piece from Zvelle comes with a story of its creation. 

Well-known for hosting their successful series of talks with notable and inspiring women with their “In Conversation” series, AyoubZadeh’s latest conversation features the namesake of her latest, and most innovative design, her first vegan luxury bag, Editke which launched this week. 

“Editke is more than just a bag for me: it has a deeper meaning and purpose,” explains AyoubZadeh, “We spent the entire year working on her and thinking of what to name her. A few months ago, I read two books by Dr Edith Eger, “The Choice” and “The Gift.” I knew right away that I’d found our namesake. I reached out to Dr Eager to ask for her blessing and permission. I received a beautiful reply back and the rest is history. Editke is the Hungarian version of Edith and pays tribute to her Hungarian roots. It was an idea she shared with me on our first video call and it touched my heart.”

At 93, Dr. Eger continues to be a tremendous force, using her life story to share the message that our circumstances do not define us. This comes from a woman who survived the unimaginable horrors of the Holocaust. We all need to pay attention to her story. I am honoured today to share the most important conversation we’ve ever had on “In Conversation.”

“If you told the 15-year-old version of me I would have an Italian beautiful handbag named after me, perhaps I would have believed it… in my happiest dream. But that really has happened. And now, nearly 80 years later, I can tell you that there is possibility to dreams. Stay hopeful and imagine your most beautiful future.” – Dr. Edtih Eger

Watch the conversation between Dr Edith Eger and Zvelle Founder Elle AyoubZadeh here.


Feminine, sensual and practical all at once, Zvelle’s forward-looking Editke bag is handcrafted in Italy with technical nylon and decorated with matte-finished vegan leather. It features two distinctive external pockets detailed with vegan leather straps. It has an internal zip pocket and an open pocket so you can carry all you need in one elegant bag, day to night, no matter where opportunity leads. The innovative extendable strap allows you to wear this as a cross-body bag. Editke is Zvelle’s first bag entirely crafted using vegan-only materials.


Editke, $495.00





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Zvelle accessories exist in a world beyond fashion’s season-to-season system. We create shoes and accessories because they fulfil your desire for beautiful pieces that will endure for years in style and quality. It’s our own take on sustainability. Without the pressure of prescriptive fashion, we can transcend trends to provide you with the freedom to move through life at your own pace. We give you the privilege to walk with style and grace, whether in leisure or with urgency, wearing accessories crafted with great care for that express purpose. Our shoes have been worn by international household names, including Heidi Klum, Bella Hadid, and Chloe Grace Moretz, to name a few. 

Elle AyoubZadeh founded Zvelle in 2015 with the desire to combine meaningful design with impeccable quality and heightened consciousness. Elle travelled extensively to find the finest accessories craftspeople in the world, settling on an Italian factory whose multigenerational team shared her exacting standards and unwavering values. Her aesthetic vision borrowed from many cultures and traditions to reveal something elegant and timeless. Most importantly, every style would have a story. Each design is an invitation to further your story as you move through the world. For more information, visit