An Outdoor Oasis 

My childhood upbringing on a hobby-farm in southern Ontario, instilled a passion and indelible memories of the numerous offerings of nature. An early life, that contributes to my great love and appreciation of nature and why I embrace the space that living in a small rural community in Georgian Bay provides for myself and family. I invite and welcome this heart-felt experience to all those who visit Georgian Bay Mind Body Wellness Studio and Yurt Georgian Bay.

Time was lost for me, as I played and immersed myself in forests, meadows, and our backyard marsh. The echo of days with my grandfather as we walked, remains with me now. Steadfast and quiet; no place to be but right there by his side. Teaching me the names of the various flowers, plants and trees we happened upon. These lessons of mindfulness and presence are so very precious to me. Our backyard marsh was my favourite place to be. Each evening I would reminisce of that days adventure, speaking to my imaginary forest friends, searching for frogs, tadpoles and snakes. This outdoor oasis experience is the foundation from which I contribute my vast love and deep connection with mother-earth and all animals.

We are all an extension of mother-earth.  The health and well-being of our planet is directly connected to our well-being. The global experience of COVID-19, has made this simple fact more evident than ever before. A vast number of people are disconnected from themselves, disconnected with the very ground beneath their feet. Trapped in a cycle of doing, spinning, and chasing proverbial tails, simply to exist and acquire.  At this time, dissatisfaction, frustration, depression and anxieties of many forms, is now epidemic in our global culture. This prolonged dis-ease and disconnection, ultimately manifests in our bodies as sickness and genuine felt pains.

I have studied and practiced many disciplines of yoga for more than twenty years. I have earned two yoga teaching certifications, and in 2015 became a certified foot reflexologist. I earned a certification of Applied mindfulness and meditation from the University of Toronto to lead meditations and most recently completed the Source Resonance curriculum in order to facilitate sound journeying/baths, with the assistance of varied instruments and voice.

The focus and intention within all the varied modalities we offer at Georgian Bay Mind body Wellness, whether it be yoga, ecstatic dance, meditation, sound journeying or reflexology, it is all meant to guide people inward.  An invitation to move, listen, connect and insight healing.  This individual healing, in turn, helps to heal the world around us. With every inner opening, we release another layer of our outer shell, which creates a stronger connection to the true inner reality. The goal is to integrate body and spirit to find liberation from within the body we inhabit. From this liberation one begins to tap into a manifestation energy current, engaging in life and creating from a new sense of vigor and empowered self.

The Yurt rental (yurt.georgianbay) is an obvious sistering of our offerings on our property in the Beaver Valley. Nestled amongst the cedar trees in close proximity to Bills creek, a vital waterway that runs through our property playing a constant lullaby. The yurt space is a ‘glampers’ dream.  A secluded retreat environment where one can really ‘get-away!’ Guests can take a 20 minute walk to the local Kimberley General Store, purchase locally grown supplies to make your own outdoor barbecue or take a day off and buy homemade foods and desserts. The restaurant Justin’s Oven, is a Friday night local favourite; wood fired pizza! Dine-in and enjoy a glass of wine, or dine-out fireside at the yurt camp site. We invite and welcome you to disconnect from your daily doings and reconnect with yourself and loved ones.  Take an adventure walk and remember what if feels like to be a kid at play. Get lost and find yourself!  Breathe deeply, let go and most importantly… Have Fun!


Julie Schweizer


“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”
Maya Angelou