A delight to the senses

By Kerry Johnson | Jennifer Klementti Photography

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, there are none as iconic as the red rose. It’s been that way for centuries. The Greeks and Romans associated roses with their goddesses of love, Aphrodite and Venus, representing passion, romance and even fertility. Roman emperors would bathe in the luxury of rose water and carpet the floor with their petals. But the rose didn’t become associated with Valentine’s Day until the 17th century, when a British ambassador’s wife raved about the romance of roses in Turkey. Then the concept became more popular in the 1800’s in England.

Now, 2 billion dollars a year is spent on Valentine’s flowers. According to one CNN poll, 64 percent of men are planning to buy flowers for the big day, and most of those purchases are going to be roses. It’s probably not a surprise that red roses usually lead the list of colour choice, either. Red roses represent passionate love, romance, and desire. Some floral experts say the deeper the shade, the deeper the sentiment, but no matter the shade, most red roses express the meaning of the giver quite nicely.

The Rosarium in Vaughan has a wonderful selection of options when it comes to red roses. There are lush bouquets of one or two dozen, exploding colour and scent. Or you can make the gift even more glorious. How about 50, 75 or even 101 roses, to overwhelm the senses and heart.

You can also order arrangements of roses mixed with other flowers and greenery, in a vase or bouquet, to add some variety or to make a more exotic statement. A hat box filled with a bouquet is also a lovely option, coming in different sizes and colours.

Many people like to keep the memory of the gift alive by drying flowers. Now The Rosarium can do the preservation for you too. They offer Forever Roses, perfectly preserved flowers protected in clear containers that let you enjoy them for about a year….just in time for the next year’s flowers!

Just because red roses are so familiar doesn’t mean they’re the only option, though. While red roses represent passionate love, there are other colours that convey different meanings to a loved one or even a friend. And sending roses to a friend, near or distant family member, or even a valued colleague, is also an option for Valentine’s Day, depending on what you want to express.

Pink roses come in a variety of shades, and can represent everything from sweetness and femininity, to gratitude and appreciation. Orange is a symbol of excitement, passion or admiration. The unusual lavender rose signifies wonder and enchantment, and even love at first sight. White symbolizes loyalty, purity and innocence. Ivory is thoughtfulness, gracefulness and perfection. Peach coloured roses are a great way to say thank you, since they represent sincerity, gratitude and appreciation. And the Victorians used to think yellow roses represented jealousy, but the meaning has since changed to signify happiness, caring and friendship

Whether you’re trying to impress, make that special person feel valued, or express the depth of your love, roses are traditional, beautiful and a delight to the senses, always the right choice to make Valentine’s Day as special as they are.