“The only limitations in life are the ones you place on yourself.”

Christina DeCastris-Beaudin, owner of Energy Balance gives us 12 Amazing reasons to exercise… and 12 great reasons to join her TRANSFORMIN12 online training class. A realistic weight loss program for real people who want great results while working smart, without having to put hours in at the gym. Finally a fun training program that gives you everything you need in 12 minutes, and you don’t even have to leave your house!

She has proven over and over again that anyone can reach their weight loss goals with her quick 12 minute workouts and easy to follow food guidelines.  You can even drink wine!

This program was designed for busy people who want to get back into shape and have very limited time to do so. Christina will provide all of the support you need daily, during your time of Transformation. All workouts are developed to be done literally anywhere, including small spaces! She will teach you how to EAT to SHED weight without compromising your lifestyle. If you have a Smart phone and 12 minutes, this program is right for you!


A super effective and efficient 12 minute program to reach your goals!

#1        You will gain energy throughout your day.

#2        You will be less likely to make poor food choices when you are following an exercise program.

#3        You will lower your cortisol levels, putting you into fat burning mode instead of fat storage mode.

#4        You will feel stronger in your everyday activities.

#5        You will lessen your chances of age related injury.

#6        You will help to develop a positive mindset for your day, as exercise helps to create happy hormones in your brain.

#7        You will enjoy shopping for clothes again, as you start to love the amazing changes in your Body!

#8        You will begin to surround yourself with other health minded people, creating a positive support System around you.

#9        You will feel less guilty about indulging a little on the weekend as you know you will burn it Off with your next workout.

#10     You will begin to respect and love your body.

#11     You will become a nicer person to be around!

#12     Let’s not forget the obvious………..You will look damn good!!!!



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