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Beau Lake

Beau Lake, a company bringing luxury to waterside sport and recreation, emphasizes performance and design in all its products. The Beau Lake brand believes that human-powered products, high-performance design with quality materials, and environmental stewardship and responsibility are timeless ideas that are as important today as ever.

Beau Lake introduces a unique brand of nostalgia and luxury, with design, materials, craftsmanship, and performance that transcend existing products on the market. From elegant paddleboards and beautiful dock chairs to a revolutionary pedal boat, Beau Lake is re-imagining waterside recreation.

“Our aesthetics and craftsmanship inevitably lead to us being referred to as a design company that is redefining a huge and relatively untapped market,” explains Paul Lavoie, co-founder and Chairman of Beau Lake. “In line with that quest, our focus is on crafting a handmade, human-powered nautical line that features timeless designs built for today and tomorrow.”


Maison Bunkie Co. Photo credit: Rob Guennete


Reimagining recreation by the waterside
Beau Lake’s unique product line takes traditional waterside products to new heights, with an emphasis on design materials and methods that raise the bar of aesthetics and performance. In overcoming a variety of challenges, Beau Lake succeeded in developing a line of high-performance paddleboards with natural and elegant finishes. The hand-shaped Muskoka board, with its highly polished UV protected polyurethane topcoat, features a custom layup of mahogany and maple, while the clear grip surface and contemporary design of the Tremblant board connect riders, both physically and visually, with the board’s natural materials.

“There is an ever-present sport motif in weekend watercraft, and our goal with Beau Lake has been to infuse design and fashion into the category,” says co-founder and design director Lee Kline. “In terms of our paddleboard collection, that meant replacing the purely sporty design with an inspired, vintage look.”

Kline worked with renowned boarder and designer Julien Fillion on the 14-foot Rapid board, the latest Beau Lake paddleboard. Designed as a weekend racer, Rapid’s carbon fibre and Macassar ebony wood construction, along with its piercing hatchet nose design and flat bottom, make it ultra-fast. The unique craftsmanship of Beau Lake paddleboards extends to their intricate chrome detailing, while the company’s paddle designs, featuring classic woods and lightweight carbon fiber, further enhance the experience and provide precision control on the water.

Reinventing the wheel
Beau Lake is continually improving the waterside experience.

After spending time on the water, a redesign of the iconic Adirondack chair transfers the brand’s state of mind from lake to shore. The Great Lakes Chair preserves its predecessor’s quintessential elements, while enhancing through structural improvements, refinement, and detail. Built for comfort, the Great Lakes Chair features marine quality stainless steel hardware.

“We wanted a long-lasting hardwood chair, which typically requires a very hard and durable wood known as Brazilian IPE,” explains Kline. “IPE only grows in the Brazilian rainforest, and much of it is illegally harvested, so we decided to build our product using durable black locust, which is the fastest-growing hardwood in the world.”

An exciting new product launching in the near future is the innovative Beau Lake Runabout. A total rethink, the Runabout completely reinvents the human-powered pedal boat as an elegant, comfortable, and precision engineered day trip cruiser.


Photo credit: Trevor Francis


Collaborating on a Beau Lake state of mind
Looking ahead, expansion of the Beau Lake product line will include accessories designed to further enhance the waterside experience, including towels, blankets, safety gear and more. In keeping with the Beau Lake philosophy, each product will incorporate high-quality materials, unparalleled craftsmanship, and exquisite design. The company is advancing through partnerships with individuals who share their vision of creating exceptional experiences through product design or services, including Cynthia Rowley, Four Seasons Aviara and Little Beach House in Malibu. Beau Lake has also teamed up with famed architect Todd Saunders, creator of Fogo Island, who is on board to design an exciting new line of prefab cabins and saunas. Other partners include Steve Killing, whose years of experience with C&C Yachts design group and with his own company, Steve Killing Yacht Design, are evident in the hull design of the Beau Lake Runabout.

“We believe that our collaborations will accelerate awareness of our intentions as a young brand and reinforce our partners’ commitment to excellence,” says Paul Lavoie. “We recently invited LA-based, Marnie Herald as a partner as well, who adds exceptional social media marketing and event skills to the Beau Lake team.”


Muskoka Walnut With Black Trim. Photo credit: Shin Sugino


About Beau Lake
Co-founded in 2016 by Lee Kline and Paul Lavoie, Beau Lake is a true reflection of the lives and careers of both men. While growing up on summer sails on Lake Ontario, Lee Kline also inherited the passion, skills and aptitudes of his great-grandfather, a machinist, metallurgist and fine cabinetmaker. Kline spent much of his professional career focused on integrating material advancements from the transportation industry into the architectural and product fields. His attention to craft, materials and design has paved the way to successes in working with manufacturers to ensure final products that retain their initial design visions.

While sharing a parallel experience to Kline’s waterside upbringing, Paul Lavoie’s professional career adds core business expertise to Beau Lake. A co-founder of TAXI, Canada’s most creative advertising and design agency network, Lavoie’s skills in creating an appealing brand narrative and understanding fluctuating marketing landscapes has helped launch numerous major brands and products.


Beau Lake believes that enhanced waterside living comes with the responsibility of stewardship. The company is currently in talks with diverse water and conservation charities with the goal of donating a share of its profits to addressing the many environmental challenges posed to water.

Paddleboards: starting from US $2,300

Great Lake Chair: starting from US $1,600