Appleton Estate, the iconic Jamaican rum brand, just announced the release of the 8-Year-Old Double Cask, its first-ever cask-finished rum. Perfect for Father’s Day, this rum highlights both the superior craftsmanship and delightful flavours of Appleton Estate. The 8-Year-Old Double Cask is a limited-edition release launched exclusively in Canada.

Master Distiller Dr. Joy Spence, known for her imaginative blending expertise, flawlessly finishes her iconic and inaugural creation of Appleton Estate 8-Year-Old in Speyside Single Malt Casks for 6 months to produce this rare collectible rum. Double matured, this rum has a delicious aroma of spiced fruit notes, best enjoyed neat.

Spence meticulously selected rums aged a minimum of eight tropical years, then finished in 60 hand-picked 18 Year Old Speyside Single Malt Whisky casks, notable for their distinctly fruity and floral notes. The result is a spirit that features delicate spiced fruit flavours, interwoven with dried honeyed raisins, caramel and vanilla, while introducing an overtone of wood and concluding with Appleton Estate’s signature orange peel top note.

Our 8 Year Old Double Cask is a genuine expression of our passion and a heartfelt endeavour, meant to showcase the pinnacle of both Jamaican and Scottish expertise,” stated Spence. “As someone who personally adores Speyside single malts, this project has been close to my heart. The charm of this release resides in its captivating and intricate flavour palette, which makes it a perfect choice for fans of rums and whiskies.”

Appleton Estate will produce 13,000 limited edition bottles of the expression, which will be available only in Canada beginning June 2024.

Appleton Estate, the Jamaican distillery boasting the world’s largest inventory of aged rums, has been crafting authentic, premium rums for 270 years, using time honoured-traditions. Their terroir, with its ideal climate, fertile soil and topography, the natural spring that supplies our water for fermentation, through to distillation, ageing and blending all combine to produce rums that are delicious and alive, vivid, and deep with complex flavours and aromas. The Appleton Estate rum collection includes the Signature rum, 8 Year Old Reserve rum, 12-Year-Old Rare Casks rum, 15-Year-Old Black River Casks rum and 21-Year-Old Nassau Valley Casks rum.

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