There’s some exciting just-launched products out there to try – ranging from food, drink, apparel, and wellness. They are all for the lifestyle-conscious, and as a Pie reader, you know we’ll only recommend what we’ve tried and liked! Check out these various new items for late summer and fall, that are sure to be disruptors in 2022.



A refreshing new beverage has made its way to store shelves, and it’s a brand new way to quench your thirst.
Silk Nextmilk is a new, delicious milk substitute, for those who are lactose intolerant or steer away from dairy. The texture, taste and feel is just like the milk you’re use to, and with very low sugar. It’s the latest from the people at Silk, the leader in plant-based alternatives in Canada.

And more on the alternative food front, Tre Stelle, the famed cheese purveyors, have combined technology and innovation to launch a faux chicken nugget, and burger, made from cheese called Cheezmade. They tout it as the first-ever dairy line of meat based alternatives – and it tastes just like the real thing! These products are rich in calcium, protein, and don’t include artificial flavours or colours.

Kids will always be busy, whether at extracurricular activities, playing in the yard, jumping around in the park, or riding their bikes. Clif Kid Zbars, packed with energy and nutrients, are the perfect snacks to toss in a backpack or nibble in the car to help kids fuel through the day. It’s made with whole grains and protein that will satisfy kids’ hunger. With flavours like Iced Oatmeal Cookie, Chocolate Brownie, and Chocolate Chip, kids won’t want to trade in their snacks! Cool factor: they contain no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavours, and it’s non-GMO.



Make good skin care a part of your routine, and you’ll slow down the signs of aging, and keep your skin in great shape. Farmrx has a line of all-natural creams in its vegan skin care collection, with no animal testing and no synthetic dyes. They use sustainable packaging, and everything has an “earth” quality to it – including extracts of green tea, brussel sprouts (with vitamins and antioxidants to repair skin), bakuchiol (to fix wrinkles), broccoli (vitamins A, B, and C to soothe skin), and moringa oil (to protect skin’s moisture.) In the Fall, 2022, they’ll be excitedly launching their Amazon Berry Boost Smothing and Firming Body Cream, with Brazil nut and capuacu.

Looking to calm, invigorate and soothe your skin? belif is a great go-to with their must-have gel cream, the true cream aqua bomb aloe. It includes a multi-level blend of hyaluronic acid that penetrates different layers of the skin for intense hydration, along with vitamin E to visibly smooth texture and even tone. It’s formulated with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, a special combination to make your skin the best it can be.


Of course, keeping your skin shielded from the sun’s harmful rays is important!

Blue Lizard sunscreen will give you that no-nonsense protection (even when you think you won’t need it.) Sick of the gooey residue and splotches of cream? Blue Lizard came up with an answer, the sheer sunscreen! It won Allure magazine’s “best of beauty” in 2021. Another cool innovation is their roll-on sunscreen, if you’re not keen to use to squeeze bottle and get messy with goo squirt. They also make a baby version, safe for the little one’s skin, with no additives, parabens, chemicals orfragrances.



And finally, some new apparel to show off, each having an awesome story to tell.

Deckers X Lab just dropped the perfect performance sandal

Firstly, Deckers X Lab just dropped the perfect performance sandal, a new all-gender black, pink and new green colorways of the innovative KO-Z Slides. The KO-Z Slides are Deckers’ best-selling sandals that have the performance of a sneaker and coziness of a slipper. Designed to recover after an intense workout, work from home, check-off Sunday errands and seek out any and all ways to relax in style and comfort. The Slide starts with five layers of foam, with ultra-soft memory foam closest to the foot and wool in the arch. The memory foam embraces your foot’s shape and provides a delightful cushion sensation that helps stabilize the foot. On top of the foot is thermoregulating sheepskin in an easy-going classic slide design.

Muin Clothing, who recently partnered with apparel giant Stanfield’s, carries stylish hunting caps, sport caps, orange tees, and bear hug hoodies. Muin is a member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, and owned by Derek Lewis, a treaty-holding Mi’kmaw. They’re keen to raise awareness of Indiginous issues, and draw attention to Truth and Reconciliation (which is emblazoned on their tees, see below).

There you have it – Pie’s staying on the pulse of what’s new in the lifestyle world, trying it out, and making sure our readers know the latest merch on the market!

Muin Clothing, who recently partnered with apparel giant Stanfield’s, carries stylish hunting caps, sport caps, orange tees