Bid farewell to lackluster sound, and unwieldy, uncomfortable headphones! Monoprice’s latest offering is a true game-changer, seamlessly combining top-notch performance, with budget-friendly pricing at just $69.99.

I’ve used the new Monoprice Dual Driver headphones, boasting Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology, for two months running – and I found the sound to be warm, while collecting the spectrum of tones. The headphones fit nicely, not too firmly but not too loose that they jiggle. I enjoyed the way it feels around my ears.
Equipped with 40mm and 20mm drivers in each cup, these headphones deliver a clarity of sound – from punchy bass to crystal-clear highs. The 20mm and 40mm drivers work in harmony to provide superior audio, creating an audio haven for music aficionados, movie buffs, podcast enthusiasts, and beyond. The hybrid ANC ensures distractions fade away, allowing you to immerse yourself in what truly matters, while the multi-mic array guarantees pristine phone calls.

Innovate your listening experience with multi-point Bluetooth pairing, effortlessly connecting to two devices and seamlessly switching between them. Bluetooth 5 technology extends your range to 32 feet, guaranteeing a clear, stable connection to your phone, tablet, or any Bluetooth-enabled device. Simultaneously connect to two devices, making seamless transitions a breeze.

They offer an impressive 70 hours of playback, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite tunes all day long. Designed for extended comfort, these headphones feature 90° rotating ear cups and plush, protein leather earcups that cradle your ears.

And, with a foldable design that epitomizes comfort, and a compact carrying case, these headphones are the epitome of travel-ready convenience.
Banish ambient noise with external and internal microphones and a digital ANC chipset. Activate Transparency mode to stay aware of your surroundings without removing your headphones. Crystal-clear phone calls are a given, thanks to enhanced voice pick-up and noise reduction features.

Enjoy peace of mind with their 1-year replacement warranty.
Elevate your audio experience – choose the Monoprice Dual Driver Headphones with ANC. Take a look at them