Monoprice has released three small but mighty power banks packed with features to keep all devices charged during extensive activities. And all of them cost no more than $35!

Monoprice Power Bank 44369 at $24.99 packs a punch with unparalleled power. It has quick charge technology, that can charge a phone from zero to 60% in less

Monoprice powerbank

than thirty minutes. It also has dual USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously. Its sleek design means it can slip effortlessly into your bag or pocket.

Monoprice Power Bank 44370 at $29.99 has a robust 20,000mAh capacity that makes it an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and campers. It has lightning fast charging for up to three devices, that can power enough for four to six charges on phones. The big “cool factor” is that it has an LED display of how much charge it has, in percentage, to take the guess work out of how much juice is available. Its rugged build means it can withstand tough conditions like drops, and water splashes during your outdoor escapades.

Monoprice Power Bank 44371 at $34.99 has wireless charging so you can say goodbye to tangled cables. Just place the smartphone on top of the power bank to charge effortlessly. You and your friends on the same adventure can all power-up, with up to five devices that can plug in, for four to six rapid charges. And finally, the the USB-A, micro-USB, and wireless charging options accommodates various devices simultaneously, making it perfect for individuals with multiple gadgets.