Mindfulness is a word we hear a lot lately.  But what does it mean to be mindful and how can you apply this to how you parent?   Mindful World, the transformational media company best known for producing Milton’s Secret, the feature film starring Donald Sutherland based on the teachings of Ekhart Tolle, is here to help.  Together with Dr. Stacy Thomas, Clinical Psychologist, Mindful World has created The Mindful World Parenting Summit, a FREE online summit from January 21st-27th, that will awaken you to a new way of parenting with proven tools that will help you and your amazing children be even more resilient, authentic, mindful and aware.


Because we can all use the support to be the best parents and people we can be.

We living in a time when the rates of anxiety, depression and stress are on the rise, particularly among children and youth, and many of us are feeling increasingly disconnected from those we love most. The good news is that our best science confirms what wisdom teachers from many spiritual traditions have known for centuries: the healing power of being able to be present in every aspect of our lives.

For the first time ever, The MIndful World Parenting Summit has brought together over 40 notable experts in parenting, mindfulness, mind/body health, nutrition, relationships, brain science and education including: Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Dr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Laura Markham, Don Miguel Ruiz, Sonia Ricotti, Les Brown, and exclusive teachings from Eckhart Tolle to name a few. 

Here is what some of the most respected authors and experts share in their interviews for The Summit.

 Eckhart Tolle:

“People are so identified with their minds and thinking, that they don’t even realize that they have created an imaginary situation in their minds which has not reality here and now. They even believe unconsciously that if they don’t worry, their whole life is going to fall apart. The opposite is true if you worry too much your life is going to fall apart and you are going to fall apart”

Dr. Shefali: 

“Whereas the traditional way was hierarchical where the parent was on the top and the child was at the bottom and needed to follow the authority of the parent, the conscious parent does it differently. It shifts the entire parenting paradigm so that the parent walks with the child on its journey towards growth and they both teach each other, and the parent understands that they have to raise themselves as much as they have to raise their child

Dr. Laura Markham:

“Parenting is a relationship, like any other relationship. And what matters the most, is how you show up in that relationship, and how you relate to the child, and how they feel as a result of that.”

Don Miguel Ruiz:

“We need to use the truth to open the emotional wounds, and when the wound is open we need to take the emotional poison out by using forgiveness”


If you are searching for a new way to look at parenting, are passionate about the journey of evolution as a person, and want some practical, evidence-based tools that can help you put these ideas into practice for you and your family, then please join a community of people sharing their knowledge, lifework and wisdom.

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