It’s no secret Canada and adventure go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to winter. Whether you choose to spend it on the slopes, the rink, or hiking outside, staying hydrated is just as crucial in the winter as the summer.

But a new survey from Liquid I.V. revealed 63% of Canadians feel regularly dehydrated with Millennials and Gen Zs fairing even worse. The survey also revealed that 65% of Canadians drink less water in the winter with 70% saying they aren’t thinking about hydration during the season. So, what’s the deal?

Well, the cold weather is notorious for disguising the symptoms of mild dehydration. Unlike the summer, you don’t have the heat trigger and aren’t breaking a sweat as easily. Match this with the dry air removing moisture from your body with each breath, and you can see why Canadians aren’t understanding how much water they need drink in the cold.

When you don’t get enough water, it slows you down – but by making sure you’re proactively hydrating before you feel the thirst, you can keep crushing it. Simple things like setting goals for your daily water intake and taking a water bottle with you before you leave for your next adventure are key, but there are other ways to step up your hydration game.

Enter, Liquid I.V. The scientifically formulated Hydration Multiplier is easily added to water to help restore your electrolyte balance, contains five essential vitamins and comes in three refreshing flavours — lemon-lime, passionfruit and strawberry. Its single serving packet is convenient and travel-friendly allowing the most avid outdoor enthusiasts to bring it with them on their next adventure.

To help fuel your winter adventures Liquid I.V. will be hosting a free event at Blue Mountain in Ontario, between February 22 and 24, with local DJs, Liquid I.V. samples, exclusive merch, and the chance to win a pair of skis and Liquid I.V. for the year! Plus, right now, Liquid I.V. is giving you the chance to win a massive prize, including a 2-night ski vacation at Blue Mountain, lift tickets and a month of Liquid I.V. Check out their Instagram post to enter.

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