If you’re looking for a tasty new tradition for the entire family to enjoy this holiday season, it’s time to bid gingerbread adieu for a new and improved holiday house.

Introducing the first official Charcuterie Chalet! Yes, you read this correctly – a stylish and savoury house made out of cheese!

It’s essentially your favourite cheeseboard brought to life with bricks of Castello’s crunchy Aged Havarti, a roof made of their nutty Vintage Gouda and pepperoni slices, snowbanks of mouth-watering Castello Danish Blue Cheese, hedges of Taste Mexico cream cheese rings and Tre Stelle’s ‘fluffier than freshly fallen snow’ cream cheese to hold it all together.

Destined to be the star attraction at your next holiday event, this tasty tradition is guaranteed to complete cheesemas! (For a full step-by-step video tutorial, visit Instagram @castellocheesecanada)


Step 1Prep Your Ingredients 

Ensure all your Castello cheese is well chilled for easier slicing and cut into required shapes for bricks, shingles, windows and bushes. Place your Tre Stelle Original cream cheese into a reusable freezer bag for piping.

Step 2 – The Structure  

Slather a good amount of Tre Stelle Cream Cheese evenly onto your structure and smooth it out with a spatula. The cream cheese will hold the ingredients to the house.

The Roof

Step 3 – The Roof 

Place the first row of Castello Sliced Gouda shingles evenly on the roof, add the second row so that it slightly overlaps the first row and repeat. Place the halved pepperoni slices on the lower roof one at a time and repeat to the top.

Step 4 – Window and Bricks 

Windows and bricks

Prepare your windows by piping four small dots of cream cheese on a whole wheat cracker and attaching four small squares of Castello Herbs & Spices Havarti to each. Place your Castello Havarti bricks starting at the bottom centre, and alternating as you move up to create the traditional brick pattern.

Garland Pillars

Step 5 – Garland Pillars  

Pipe a thick line of Tre Stelle Cream Cheese on all four corners of the house and attach a bread stick to each. Pipe thin lines on the breadsticks and add thyme leaves.

Almond Window and Garland Decorations

Step 6 – Almond Window and Garland Decorations 

Pipe a circle of cream cheese around the window and place almonds evenly. Pipe more cream cheese to resemble snow and decorate as shown. Finish the house by placing half of the Castello Taste Mexico ring under the windows to serve as bushes.

Step 7 – The Finishing Touches

Pipe a path for the front door and top with ground candied pecans, then have fun filling the space on the board with all your favourite charcuterie ingredients!

Final Tip: Just before serving, grate everyone’s favourite cheddar cheese, the crunchy Castello Extra Mature Tickler for the perfect snowfall effect!