Sleek Interior Design

By Robin Krafft

The voice of Experience

In her former role as a realtor, Betty Majsa had the opportunity to work with many residential and commercial property owners, which often involved staging. Betty loved the process, noting that building, renovating and designing is a creative act with more tangible results. She eventually founded Sleek Interior Design with a focus on kitchen remodelling, but she soon realized how much she enjoyed decorating. Sleek stands out from the crowd due to Betty’s extensive experience working with various budgets, a desire to achieve real-life functionality, an elegant sense of style and her devotion to customer satisfaction. 
More than capable
while Betty specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels, (including custom cabinetry), she is more than capable of transforming any part of your home or commercial space. She spends time getting to know you in order to make your space a reflection of your personality and lifestyle, including materials, colours and accessories. Earning your trust throughout the process, Betty particularly enjoys her client’s delight when they see the finished product.

Multiple Services

Sleek Interior Design provides interior design and decorating services (, adjusting and renovating any interior area or giving your space a makeover with decor for any occasion. Betty’s goal is to provide you with results that are practical, chic, and an opportunity for self-expression. Sleek Interior Design also offers a convenient and budget-friendly service for those who need support throughout the design process but intend to complete the project themselves. Using cutting edge technology, modern design software is used to create a detailed and scaled illustration based on consultations, measurements, photos, timelines and specifics. You receive a personal vision board and a 3D digital rendering of the design layout as well as sample materials, recommendations for paint colors, millwork finishes, hardware, furniture, wallpaper, molding and more.

What’s Your Style?

Having a professional to guide you through the step-by-step process helps you discover your own style. Understanding whether your choices tend to lean in a certain direction can help narrow down how and where to search for design and decor elements. Do you favour a bohemian, rustic, retro, modern, or glam look? On their own, people may be afraid to make bold decisions, but Betty wants to achieve the wow factor. Her mission is to gently nudge you out of your comfort zone while respecting your style, ultimately connecting your pulse with your property. Her philosophy: “The essence of home design is about people, family, connections and memories.” While there is a sequence involved in terms of how to conduct the process, she ensures every project is personal and not standardized. “When you’re designing, no one is seeing what you see. Every person has a different vision,” she acknowledges, and she wants to bring your ideas to life!

A Methodical Process

Beyond the initial consultation, the planning stage is crucial. Betty begins with a solid foundation by spending a lot of time in this phase. It’s essential to understand the space, uncover any challenges it presents, and take careful measurements to ensure that all of the desired elements will fit, according to scale and proportion. Methodically working with larger items and progressing to smaller features, nothing is overlooked. With a passion for intriguing details, Betty finishes with accessories that are meaningful and personal. As she works through the creative process, inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere: a colour or a piece of jewelry on someone walking down the street, a fabric in a store, an unusual texture or even a casual conversation.

Uniquely You

With a minimalist approach, Sleek designs feature clean lines and sophisticated, simple shapes, high quality materials, functionality and attention to flow. To achieve a timeless and elegant look, Betty favours neutral colour palettes and yet is not afraid to add colour. She adores lighting that will create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Betty notes that “better interior design can impact property valuation by 20%” but the real goal is to make your home environment feel like a unique reflection of your personality. She wants you to feel the ultimate sense of relaxation in your own space. Contact Betty at Sleek Interior Design ( for your consultation and take the first step on your journey towards warmth, welcome and well-being within your walls.