By Darren Jacob


An obvious observation is this: no matter where you travel in the world, music is an important part of most people’s lives.

An emotional connection can be made with an artist performing a favourite hit and such artists have the ability to bring smiles to the faces of the sad, unite people with personal differences, and influence millions with their fashion sensibilities. For as long as I can remember music and fashion have played a large role in my life. The emphasis was on music, but inevitably the way the artist dressed would have an impact on my dress code, especially in my much younger influential years. One artist in particular had an influence on me during those years… his name, Liam Gallagher.

1994 saw the death of grunge and a new insurgence of Brit bands invading the airwaves. Leading the pack were a bunch of lads calling themselves Oasis. They had an attitude that shocked their audiences. They played catchy melodies that had the masses singing and they brought a “mod” style of fashion to a continent that, at the time, was heavily into wearing flannel shirts and torn jeans. Oasis was a rock’n’roll band in every sense of the term. For 15 years they sold out arenas and made headlines for their shenanigans on and off stage, especially between brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher.

Liam Gallagher is known as one of the most exciting and dapper front men in the music industry. In 2008, a long time security guard of Liam’s proposed that he set up his own clothing label. A year later in collaboration with distinguished tailor Nick Holland, of Holland Esquire, Pretty Green was established. Pretty Green is dedicated to sharp and stylish dressing, and each piece is strictly limited edition. There are two distinct collections that make up Pretty Green: The Green Label, which is a casual range dedicated to providing quality, everyday signature pieces and the Black Label, which is classic British tailoring, using fine fabrics with an innovative attention to detail.

Pretty Green references Liam’s style. The 1960’s mod scene is a huge influence for the Green Label where as the Black Label takes this look and translates it into a highly tailored product; a contemporary take on a vintage style. Take for example the Lennon Military Jacket (inspired by John Lennon). The jacket has jetted and patch chest pockets, a collarless neckline, distinctive Pretty Green engraved buttons and it is lined with the signature Pretty Green paisley print (available through the Black Label, £285).

The Black Blazer (Vintage Pin Stripe) is a three button blazer featuring a notch lapel, stand pocket and two front patch pockets, fully lined with tone on tone paisley jacquard (available through the Black Label, £450). Some other notable mentions are the Stonewash Indigo Denim Jean which are a clean looking, straight leg jean in a stonewashed rinse (Green Label, £85) and the Ocean Bellow Pocket Hooded Jacket made from lightweight nylon featuring Pretty Green embossed poppers, a zip puller and a signature embroidered chest bade. This jacket is a shower proof wind runner, which can fold small enough to fit in your pocket (Green Label, £75). Pretty Green has everything from parkas and knitted tees, to dessert shoes and silk scarves.

Pretty Green isn’t just another label that has Liam’s name attached to it. Liam is involved with every stage of the process when it comes to designing items for both collections. For example, the design team went through 19 different fabrics for one of the t-shirts before he was happy with it. He even took it home to wash and dry it to make sure that the quality and color didn’t fade. Unfortunately for the people of North America, Pretty Green has yet to open a store on our shores, so all of your Pretty Green shopping will have to be done on their easy-to-navigate website:

Liam is in no way showing signs of slowing down. There seems to be a sense that he has been liberated from his past and appears relieved to begin a new chapter in his life with Pretty Green. So raise a glass, and let’s toast to a Pretty Green future for us all!