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Eve Cork’s mission is to educate the world about cork fashion, while building an online-first, sustainable luxury handbag brand that is naturally sophisticated. 

They believe that in order to feel good, you need to surround yourself with things that are worthy of feeling good about. At Eve, they strive to provide you with stylish, high-end products that have a positive impact on both the environment and economy. 

Their beautiful, European inspired collection is made with the highest quality, sustainably sourced materials; such as premium cork, organic cotton and all-natural vegetable dyes. Their bags are made in Portugal, where they pay their workers well and provide them with bright, clean and happy working conditions.

Natural Sophistication

They believe in supporting nature, and letting it shine though in their unique material. Their products are designed to fit into a modern lifestyle, while nodding towards the trends of time becoming naturally sophisticated.


Sustainability is the cornerstone of the Eve Cork brand. From how the materials are sourced, to how they practice business, sustainable actions that support a healthy Earth is at the core of everything they do.

Affordable Luxury

Tired of big brand markups, Eve set out to create an online-first, premium handbag brand. By cutting out the retail model, they are able to provide beautiful, high quality products at fair prices.  


With sustainability and luxury as the cornerstones of their brand, they wanted to use a material that yielded a premium product that could be sustainably sourced and was environmentally-friendly. Cork was the solution.

The cork used comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. The majority of the worlds cork is found in rural areas throughout Portugal. To harvest the bark, Eve employs local Portuguese cork farmers who carefully hand-harvest the trees every 9-10 years. This process actually helps the trees grow faster and live longer. A cork tree can live up to 300 years. The aged cork bark allows a yield of the highest quality textile. The cork fabric looks and feels just like premium leather, while being lighter, softer and even more durable. Other materials used include organic cotton for liners, vegan glues and all-natural vegetable dyes. Furthermore, Eve Cork products are vegan approved and no harmful chemicals used.




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