Pie Media Group loves to produce unique and authentic content. This was an inspiring team and an inspiring photo story.



Photography @danlimphoto

Fashion Director: @marekmatwiejczuk
Hair & Make-up: @dylankhanson
Production Management @piemediagroup @piepublisher @pie_bookazine
Models: Sarah Jordan & Yana Verba @elitetoronto Bianca at Specs, Troy and Alex B @spot6management
Matthew F at B&M, Edris at Norwayne




Velvet vintage dress Givenchy available at Divine Decadence Originals | Headpiece Augustin Tebul | Resin collar House of Flora | Chainlink resin necklace Uncommon Matters


Him – Men’s outfits John Varvatos | Shoes Doc Martins | Boots John Varvatos Her (left) – Dress Alaia Available at Divine Decadence Originals | Gloves Dior | Necklace Rita Tesolin | Riding boots Picovs Her (back) – Anares fitted bomber and shorts Muubaa | Gloves Dior | Thigh high boots Stella Mcartney Her (right)- Sheer chiffon dress Divine Decadence Originals | Tights with beading Agustin Teboul | Leather long gloves Bottega Venetta | Booties models own


Jacket Ashtiani | White highneck HSI | Silk skirt Arthur Mendonca | Gloves Saint Laurent | Riding boot Picovs | Bag Town’s | Jewellery Rita Tesolin | Resin Collar House of Flora


Him – Outfit John Varvatos | Boots John Varvatos


(left) Top Ports 1961 | White high collared shirt underneath HSI | Jewellery Rita Tesolin | Gloves Saint Laurent | Riding boots Picovs (Centre) PVC kimono jacket Pedram Karimi | Top Ports 1961 | Shirt under HSI | Rhinstone cross, pin and earring Rita Tesolin | Resin bracelet House of Flora | Gloves Saint Laurent (Back right) Vest dress Ports 1961 | PVC top Arthur Mendonca | Patent gloves Saint Laurent | Necklace with crosses and brooch Rita Tesolin | Earrings Rita Tesolin | Horse whip HSC international | Top hat House of Antonio | Boots Picovs


Top hat and mens riding jacket House of Antonio | Leather shirt underneath Jitrois


Her – le smoking jacket JP Gaultier | Paris Leather shirt with detail Muubaa | Resin collar necklace House of Flora | Gloves Saint Laurent | Riding pants and Riding boots Picovs Him – Suede jacket, boots John Varvatos


Velvet dress and cape Devine Decadence Originals | Rhinestone cuffs, necklace & silver Cross with semiprecious Stones Rita Tesolin | Gloves Ella Gieorgia | Baguette David Dixon | Suede with gold detail shoes Towns


(Right ) Black halter heavy wool dress Devine Decadence Originals | Leather top Muubaa | Necklace Bjorg | Gloves Dior (Left) Top wool dress with leather detail DUY | Leather top Jitrois | Leather gloves Saint Laurent | Neckleace Bjorg (Centre ) Dress DUY | Pant with beaded detail Augustin Tebul | Headpiece Dylan K Hanson | Jewellery Bjorg | Gloves Dior


Suede 3/4 coat, leather jacket underneath John Varvatos | Visor House of Flora


Hooded jacket Jitrois | Suede jacket on top John Varvatos | Turteneck Roberto Verino


Dress Sharon Wachoub at Simons | Sleeveless biker jacket Muubaa | Gloves Dior | Hat stylist own Leather peplum jacket Muubaa | Skirt with patent detail Ashtiani | Riding boots Picovs | Hat stylist own


(Him) – Jacket House of Antonio | Leather biker vest John Varvatos | Turtleneck sweater Roberto Verino | Pants Etro | Resin collar House of Flora | Horsewhip and helmet Horse Smart International (Her) – Wool jacket Ashtiani | Silver cross with gems Victorian | Brooch Rita Tesolin | Visor House of Flora | Gloves Saint Laurent | Silk skirt Arthur Mendonca | Riding boots Picovs | Bags Town’s 


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