An Intimate Glimpse into Dita Von Teese’s World of Glamourous Lingerie


Photography Albert Sanchez and Penny Lane


“I was fascinated by lingerie as a right of womanhood. My love of lingerie is what led me to pinup and burlesque. Most pinup models of the 1940s were burlesque stars, and so my research of lingerie and pinup art is how I learned that burlesque existed.”



“I heed the words a fortune cookie told me almost twenty years ago.
It said that by maintaining honesty and integrity, I would succeed. So I’ve always paid close attention to those words.”



“You can watch something like Gypsy with Natalie Wood to get a more accurate idea of what burlesque was, or just about any old movie which actually shows that burlesque shows were striptease shows. Better still, read a book! It’s disgraceful to the grande dames of burlesque to sanitize what it was for commercialization. I’m proud to be a striptease star!



“I reinforce what I have learned from personal experience…that the things that make us different are the things that make us special, interesting and beautiful. I’m not a standard American beauty by any means, so I think a lot of women are inspired by my example of creating glamour, and for showing another side of sexy.
I could never relate to natural beauties at all, and so I do my best to show others that sensuality and beauty aren’t just what we see in mainstream media, that it can be something else, and you can create it.”