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Our global team of staff editors and writers, award-winning photographers and engaging videographers, take pride in producing first-rate editorial content.

Bespoke content is created upon a foundation of longevity. We excel at designing editorial that is not seasoned or dated, thus providing maximum shelf life for our timeless editions.

What makes Bespoke Canada unique? In addition to our timeless subject matter and artistic approach, we partner with leading Canadian events to bring sponsors and consumers together in creative environments.

Coupled with a strong digital component, the Bespoke Canada brand offers a true 360 degree exposure.

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Bespoke Canada attracts both male and female readers with content that includes luxury fashion, real estate, travel, art and design, automotive, architecture and discovery. Our psychographic of people shows them to be opportunity focused and represent a niche market of individuals seeking relaxed luxury consumables and experiences.

  • 9% Urban Professional
  • 25% Suburban Sophisticates
  • 16% Diverse Cosmopolitans
  • Readership profile 35-75
  • Stylish consumers with high disposable income
  • Affluent executives with families
  • International Travellers
  • 34% of our readership earn $200,000+
  • Canadian and International consumers that love quality products and services.
  • Newsstand 10%

  • Qualified Circulation 70%

  • VIP’s, Influencers & Celebrities 10%

  • Events 10%

  • 35,000 copies

  • 50% Canada 50% International

  • Readership 350,000

  • Boutique Hotels

  • Unique Estates

  • Private Ski Hills

  • Private Golf Courses

  • Waterfront Delivery

  • Prestige Events

  • Corporate Subscriptions

  • Resorts

  • Chapters/Coles/Indigo,

  • Independent Book Stores

  • International Luxury Retreats

  • International Luxury Cruise Lines

  • Dealerships

  • Airline Lounges

  • Qualified Circulation

  • Hand delivered to over 5,000 key clients


Our advertorials are tailored to communicate your message through integrated brand marketing and add a unique layer of detail that compliments and enhances any advertising campaign. Through interviews, videography, stylized photography shoots and business profiles, Bespoke Canada builds a connection between the business and the consumer.

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Fold Outs – Inserts – Inbound Booklets – Exclusive Sponsorships – Events – Trade Fairs and Bespoke Canada Labelled Events

Mission… #relaxedluxury.


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